Best Hosting Companies 2019

Best Hosting Companies 2019: How To Find the Best Hosting Service For Your Site?

The world wide web has become an attractive arena for individuals who want to earn money online throughout the world. So if you are starting your own blog or website you have to discover the best hosting companies.

It has truly made the world a global community in which there are no boundaries of any sort to surpass.

The internet affords people the option to use its platform for expression of personal ideas and thoughts.

As well as, to launch and run exceptionally profitable business ventures.

Now any website that’s created requires the use of the best hosting companies.

This is because you will need space on a server to have your website.

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How can you identify the best hosting service for your website?

  • The principal determinant in choosing the best hosting service for your website is the purpose of your website.
  • This in itself would assist you in making a qualified decision on which web hosting service to decide on.
  • There might be various reasons for building a site – some like to do it for pleasure and simply sharing their likes and dislikes with others while others take part in e-commerce and conduct business.


Free Web Hosting

If your website is purely for personal reasons, then the best hosting for you might be the free web hosting companies.

Some of the prominent ones are Geocities and Angelfire.

You can find a good deal of room from them to upload your images and thoughts.

Moreover, you don’t even need to be technologically sound to manage your website.

The domain you would receive is a directory.

But there are particular disadvantages if you choose a free web hosting service.

You will soon find your website bombarded with all sorts of banner ads put up by many businesses which could irritate the visitors of your website.

Additionally, you will also not get facilities like MySQL databases and multiple e-mail accounts.


Affordable Web Hosting

To avoid the problems posed by free web hosting, some people go in for an affordable web hosting companies.

The top examples of best hosting companies are listed below:

    1. Bluehost
    2. InterServer
    3. 1&1 Ionos
    4. GoDaddy
    5. GreenGeeks


It is smart to research each one and pick one that fits your requirements. Personally, I use 1&1 Ionos, because they have been reliable for many years now.

You need to pay a minimal annual charge to get space on their server, but then again it’s far better than free web hosting.

A good option is to opt for shared web hosting.

Here, more than one website can be hosted on the same server.

With this, you get advantages of features like ASP, PHP, MySQL, multiple e-mail addresses and increased bandwidth. It is also good as it lets you get your domain name.

It is great for people who have small businesses on the internet with a moderate degree of website and e-mail traffic.


Dedicated Web Hosting

Now if you are engaged in a serious enterprise through the online medium, then the best hosting service would be a dedicated hosting service.

Some of the best-dedicated hosting providers are InMotion and Single Hop.

The advantages of a dedicated hosting service are unlimited databases, bandwidth and e-mail addresses.

You also have greater control over the host which is important if you are engaged in e-commerce.

You’re also assured of faster and reliable service and decent customer care.

Within the world of dedicated hosting services, there are two kinds: managed and unmanaged.

The unmanaged one affords better control to the user, but it’s a bit complex to handle.

I won’t get too technical because I like easy web hosting options.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, with all these avenues available to you, it’s apparent that the selection of the best hosting companies has to match your needs and the size of your business.


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