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WP Engine Review – WPEngine Hosting

In this WP Engine Review, you will discover the benefits of saving time on building your own website on WordPress.

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a very feature-filled managed hosting program for WordPress websites.

Which focuses on three main WordPress website issues: Speed, Security and Stability.

WP Engine is a new WordPress host compared to others out there.

However, with smart direction and smart, great market position, WP Engine has brought in a slew of influencers and significant characters in the WordPress field.

We have seen, the wise people who run WordPress.com invest in WP Engine in late 2011.

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Who is using WP Engine?

Balsamiq, SportsNetworker, MarketingClique and CMSCritic are just a sampling of the popular brands that are now using the worry-free WP Engine hosting platform.


What’s So Important About Managed Web Hosting?

For one thing, In case you missed it: WP Engine hosting is a WordPress-only handled web host. This means that they are experts in WordPress and they can offer you a lot of extra benefits.


WP Engine Hosting – Benefits

So what exactly about WP Engine is causing all of the fuss?

Here are the key advantages of this WP Engine Review in simple terms:

1) A Team Of WordPress specialists manages WP Engine

All the way from CEO to the middle managers to the basic support workers, WP Engine is full of WP authorities.

And every single one of them is very accomplished in their craft.

It is the managed WordPress hosting company with the best WordPress help.

2) Optimized Servers

WP Engine according to research, is tried and tested time and time again by many successful webmasters and bloggers to be incredibly responsive.

3) Scalability and Speed 

WP Engine assures you of almost 100 per cent server uptime.

This is due to the incredible use of cloud computing methods.

4) Secured Web Hosting Set Up

At WP Engine, all WordPress upgrades and malware searches are done while you sleep.

Additionally, website backup is done automatically every day, and WP Engine pledges completely secure hosting environment.

As a result, this means that entrepreneurs have essentially zero to think about when it comes to website security with WP Engine.

5) Assistance With Moving Your Sites

Do you feel too overwhelmed to change over your site?

WP Engine is available to look after your WordPress site migration.


6) Relatively Cheap Hosting Choice

It’s true, WP Engine’s cost may have driven a handful of people away.

However, when I checked it out I found them to be a generally inexpensive plan.

Considering I’d use them for just one main website.


Let’s do a general price comparison:

What does a dependable WordPress safety or maintenance plugin price?
  • VaultPress, for one example, runs you $40 per month
  • BackupBuddy costs $75 the least
  • Add that up with your routine WordPress hosting fees – like Hostgator, for about $10 for a month
  • And that’s roughly $80$ a month just for running your WordPress blog with the basic level of safety.
  • However, you can get all the basics with WP Engine entry-level program is under $30 a month for one WordPress install.
  • That price will also incorporate various security systems and features such as every-single-day site backups, virus scanning, dependable restore points, totally managed WP updates, and hacker free warranties.

Still, think WP Engine is way too spendy? Well, think again!

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Should you select WP Engine?

To be fair, WP Engine is not mandatory for people who are new to content creation and blogging.

There are less expensive options for you such as BlueHost or 1&1 Ionos.

Also, if you have a bunch of low traffic WordPress websites; then there is no reason to change from a shared server like BlueHost to WP Engine – the cost is just too high.

However, when you begin to really grow your business and web traffic WP Engine is perfect, if…

  • You’re running just one WordPress site that gets moderate to very high traffic levels
  • You are investing in traffic and really grow your own branded website
  • There is a possibility of your website hitting the front page of a website like Stumble Upon or Pocket
  • You pay for security and backups for running your WordPress website
  • High value on quick response customer service, scalability and speed
  • Greater protection against being hacked into your website
  • Outsource taking care of the arduous job of WordPress maintenance

I hope that this WP Engine Review has given you a clearer understanding of how it can be useful to you when growing your own website or blog.

Faithful in your success!

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