How To Start a Blog

How To Start A Blog With Bluehost + WordPress

A blog is a sort of website maintained using regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, graphics and or video. I will guide you step by step how to start a blog in this tutorial.

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A blog is a really simple method for promoting your ideas or internet business opportunity with valuable and practical content.

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Articles which may be applied to any business or interest whether online or offline.

The written articles you post on your site is referred to as a “blog article.”

Your blog articles can appear in the search engine results on Google for certain keywords which are in your articles.

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For example, if you wrote a blog article about “the difference between high paying affiliate programs and MLM” your site could appear in Google’s results when someone searches for “high paying affiliate programs.”

Blog post entries are generally displayed in the reverse-chronological purchase.

For my steps below for success with starting your blog.

how to start a blog


Why I Started Blogging

In my personal experience, I learnt how to start a blog because I wanted to grow my business online.

Many years ago, I hired a web developer to help me set up a web hosting package and I paid a digital marketing expert to start creating valuable articles.

On the other hand, it is much more affordable to do these first steps yourself.

Back then, my main focus was on online tax returns and helping people to save money on taxes.

Now we have evolved into a digital platform to give people information on how to make money online –

 And I am really grateful that my blog readers and web traffic is growing every day with ease.

It turns out to be exactly what I love to do in my heart, plus it contributes to my business development.

And it is easy to balance work around taking care of my daughter Calia and enjoying travelling.

Where To Begin?

To be honest, there are hundreds of different ways to start a blog.

But from my experience WordPress hosted websites are the best for how to start a blog.

This is because WordPress is very flexible and easy to monetize as you grow.

To begin you will also need to get a great domain and web hosting package.

Therefore, I’ve narrowed it down to 3 simple steps to get started.

Afterwards, we’ll talk about creative ideas.

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Create Your Bluehost Account

Step 1: Visit

Bluehost is the #1 recommended web hosting by, Every account features 1-click WordPress installation.  

Bluehost is trusted because they are used by over 2 million websites worldwide.

What I also like about it is they are affordable and newbie friendly.

how to start a blog bluehost

Click the “get started now” button and let’s do it! (See above)

Select a hosting plan that fits your needs.

Normally, if you are just starting out I recommend the Basic Plan (below) but, if you are really serious about this and want more resources & power go with the Prime or Pro Plan.

Remember, you can upgrade later as your blog grows.

Step 2: Domain Name

Type your domain name with this super quick Domain Name Checker below.  

Don’t spend a ton of time on this step, you can always change the domain name later.  

If you already have a domain name, type it in the “I have a domain name” step.

As a bonus, Bluehost gives you a FREE domain name to use for your new web hosting account. Check below:


The next step is to fill out your account and billing information:

Check the package information below and decide what term/add-ons you want.  The biggest bang for your buck dollar for dollar is on the 60-month term. But you can choose 36 months, 24 months or 12 months.  *Note, Bluehost will charge you upfront for the entire term.

Insert payment information and accept the terms.

bluehost signup

Congratulations, your hosting account is now created!  Bluehost will send you a welcome email confirming account and FTP information.

Create your password.  Make sure to review the requirements for creating the password.  If you need help you can always click the “Suggest Password” option.  Regardless, I recommend noting it just to be safe. You’ll end up needing it later on.

Go ahead and login and start getting familiar with your new Bluehost account.

Step 3: WordPress

Thanks to Bluehost, after your hosting account, has been created WordPress will automatically install.  Start off by picking a theme, these are all free themes that you can use for your wordpress themes bluehost

Now that you’ve picked your theme, let’s jump into WordPress and click Start Building.

bluehost web hosting

Next, choose whether this site is for business or personal use.

bluehost review

For this step, you’ll see an overview of Bluehost+WordPress integration.  It’s easy to manage WordPress plugins and blog posts or pages here.

bluehost managed wordpress

Decide on a site title and description to launch your site.

bluehost review set up wordpress blog

Here’s how it looks on the dashboard of the Bluehost control panel.

bluehost affiliate start a blog

Now you can really start designing your site and creating the content! This is why I think using WordPress means that the sky’s the limit.

Well done for completing all of the steps and taking action.

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What Is Blogging All About?

If you’re brand new to learning how to start a blog I will sum it up in a nutshell for you.

Blogs offer commentary on a particular subject or can be a more personal online journal.  

A typical blog combines text, pictures, and links to other sites, web pages, and other websites related to its subject.

 The ability for readers to leave comments is an important element of many sites. 

I’ll come back to that part later on.

Most blogs are generally text, although most will also have photographs and videos.

 Microblogging is another sort of blogging, featuring very short articles.

This list provides some incredible statistics and the significance of a blog for today’s internet marketer.


Blogosphere Stats

If you’re more of a logical person, here are some numbers for you:

133,000,000 – the number of sites indexed by Technorati since 2002

346,000,000 – the number of people globally who read blogs (COM Score March 2008)

900,000 – Typical number of blog posts in 24 hours

The area of blogging and profiting from it is growing steadily so you can see that how to start a blog can lead to a great opportunity for you too.


Start Publishing

There are lots of different types of sites, differing not only in the sort of content but also in how content is delivered or written.

Firstly, you must decide on your style, industry and niche.

This will help you get content ideas for your blog and then you can start publishing.

 The following are just a few examples:

Personal Blogs

The personal, conventional blog is the most frequent form of a blog.  It’s an ongoing diary or commentary by an individual. Few personal blogs rise to fame, but a few personal blogs quickly develop a widespread following.  Microblogging is the form of a personal blog which is very detailed and attempts to capture a moment in time. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook allow bloggers to share ideas instantaneously with friends and family and are much quicker than e-mailing or writing.


Corporate and Organizational Blogs

A blog can be private, or it may be for used for business purposes.  Blogs used for branding advertising or public relations purposes are known as corporate sites.  Similar blogs for clubs and societies are known as club blogs, group blogs, etc. Typically utilized to notify members and interested parties of club and member activities.


By Interest

Some sites focus on a specific topic, such as political sites, travel sites, home blogs, fashion sites, education blogs, music sites, legal sites, etc..  Two common types of genre sites are art blogs and music blogs.


By Media Type

A blog containing videos is known as a blog, one containing links is known as a linklog, a website containing a portfolio of sketches is referred to as a sketchbook or one containing photos is called a photoblog.  Blogs with mixed media types and articles are known as tumblelogs.

Check out my favourite picks-


Easy Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Now we can dig a little deeper into how to start a blog. Take action and follow these tasks: 

  • Write down five things you learned today, and place it on your blog.
  • When you learn something new, place it on your blog.
  • Whenever you do something fun, place it on your blog.
  • Whenever you make a video, post it on your blog.
  • When you’ve got a strong opinion about something, post it on your blog.
  • Write down five things you are confused about, research it and write your findings.
  • When you take new images, post them in your site together with a description of what you did.
  • When you submit a new article or press release, post the link with a brief overview of your site.
  • If you’ve got the solution to common problems write blog posts on that.

By following the simple tasks above you will be on your way to learning how to write a blog post and never run out of ideas.

You’ll be a content machine in no time!

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Use Social Media

A blog is mostly a website which lets you quickly and easily add fresh content whenever you desire.

Blogs are easy to publish (you just need to know how to type, easy to find (your audience can easily find your content).

They are also a very social form of marketing because it’s a great way to build a presence in the online community.

Moreover, your blog can go viral when your blog articles are shared a lot by friends or readers.

It is easy to link to and share permalinks for years to come.

Blogs do need frequent maintenance apart from the addition of new content.

Subsequently, you can use social networking sites to share your work – writing, photographs, video, etc.

Getting comfortable with social media is absolutely is necessary for how to start a blog and be effective.

The content should be relevant, informative, thought-provoking for the right platform.

It can seem like a lot of work to create a blog AND promote it on social media, but it will pay dividends.

Looking to save time on all of the social media tasks?

There are easy ways to automatically share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr Medium, BlogLovin and more. Try Blog2Social.


Get Web Traffic For Your Blog

There are SO many ways to get traffic and leads to your blog site on autopilot.

This is important to grow your blog and earn a stable monthly income. 

  • For that reason, I have a whole section on this so check out Online Marketing.

In the meantime, here is a quick tip to get you swimming along…

  • Make sure you ping your site after creating your posts.

When you “ping” your site, you are notifying the search engines that you’ve got new content on your site.

 Step One: Visit

Step Two: Enter the name and the URL of your site.

 Step Three: Click all site services to Ping.

 Step Four: Make sure you ping each time you update your site with new content.

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Make Friends And Gain Connections

The best place to start making friends in the blogging world is

Additionally, you can join free groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for blogging tips.

There is an abundance of people who are keen to support you and give you a nudge in the right direction.

If you want to go one step further you can attend blog conferences and networking events.

A great one is The Affiliate Summit, which is the one I will be attending soon.

You can also connect with other people right on the WordPress platform. 

Lastly, did you know that you can stay on your blog and build connections right there? 

The more you publish and promote your blog the more people will visit your site and leave a comment.

Comments are great; it means you’ve got active subscribers.

Make a point to respond to your readers who take the time to leave a comment.

Here is an easy copy and paste method…

If someone makes a general comment, you can always respond with “Thank you for your comments. They are valued!”

In addition, If you disagree with a comment one of your readers tell them WHY you disagree respectfully.

Don’t be defensive or confrontational.

Be open to joining the conversation and encouraging your reader’s options in an effective rational manner.

Some people may disagree with your style or viewpoint, but that’s part of the growth.

Bear in mind; you want to give your readers a reason to go back to your blog regularly.

Confused About and

This is an extra tip because a lot of newbies get confused about the difference between the two WordPress sites.

WordPress provides flexibility, tutorials, and support and it is easy to migrate your content from 1 blogging platform to another if you choose to switch platforms in the future.

If you are new to how to start a blog looks like a really easy platform for ease of setup.

But there are problems.

Word of Warning: However, do be aware can put advertisements on your site.

This is why I recommend this can be avoided if you choose to utilize

By paying for your hosting, which is extremely minimal in price, you gain total control of all your articles without unsolicited advertisements.

When you host your own WordPress website you have more access to useful tools, plug-ins and ways to earn money from your blog.

And most importantly, you avoid the risk of never being suspended.

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I truly hope that the steps above help you with how to start a blog.

You are now on the journey to gaining more freedom with your own online business.

In conclusion, even something as simple as blogging is allowing people to earn thousands of dollars every single month.

Plus, it is fun and easy to get going. So take action now!

Faithful in your success.

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