Blogs About Starting a Business

7 Blogs About Starting a Business

Here are the top blogs about starting a business you can use for inspiration. Many people have imagined that they are starting a business, be it a dog daycare or a marketing consultancy.

However, they rarely face the challenges of financing, marketing and advancing their ideas, rarely follow their business dreams.

If you are playing with the idea of starting a business, there is no need to put your plans on hold any longer.

Take a look at these wonderful blogs for tips and information on how to start your own independent business.


1) Springwise

Do you want to start a business, but you are not sure what that business is?

Springwise is your source of inspiration, as it contains interesting tips on new and innovative business concepts that arise around the world: from personalized pizzas by mail to a daily transaction site for sports fans.

Examine the categories, divided by industry, date and country, to see if there are any trends you can use.


2) Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

This blog offers existing entrepreneurs and existing entrepreneurs a lot of advice on issues such as hiring and shooting, attracting customers and “the kick in the donkey”.

As well as, a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

The site includes a series of free resources for entrepreneurs, including PR tips for entrepreneurs and a checklist for entrepreneurs.


3) Start-Up Nation

Start-Up Nation is great for part-time and full-time entrepreneurs in the early stages of business growth.

This is one of the blogs about starting a business that I checked many years ago when I was starting up.

This site offers many articles on topics such as trademark registration and essential applications for business owners.

The site also has a series of “Braintrust” videos, where business experts discuss and discuss news and business strategy related to the company.


4) Business Opportunities Blog

For more than a decade, this blog reports on new trends in small businesses and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Business Opportunities Blog has lists of franchise offers and profiles of unique small businesses, including a dairy farm and machinery.

With almost 20,000 jobs in the archives, you’ll find something that will inspire you here.


5) PowerHomeBiz

This site mainly serves business owners who work from their own homes, and people interested in establishing a home business.

There are many tips on home business concepts.

For example, 10 small pet-related businesses and tips on financing, marketing and other practical aspects to launch and grow a successful home-based business.


6) WPBeginner

As its name implies, the WPBeginner website is designed to be a guide for beginners to use the WordPress content management system.

It’s about showing novice web designers (or anyone else setting up their own blogs) how to install a WordPress site set up fast.

This business blog is full of tips, suggestions and tutorials on how to set up WordPress and how to optimize it to attract new readers.

You will find works that cover almost everything, from the best WordPress themes to hotels, to higher topics that contain deep adaptations.


7) Manta

Manta is an excellent online facility for small business owners and one of the top blogs about starting a business.

They provide products, services and educational opportunities to help entrepreneurs become more competitive within their industries.

This business blog includes a range of articles that offer news about small businesses, tips and advice available.

They also provide research data on various topics, ideas and advice from industry leaders, webinars and a variety of free courses for beginners, benefits and experts called Academy.


Faithful in your success! 


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