How To Create a Blog And Make Money

Gone were the days when authors make very little money. It is possible for you to quickly learn how to create a blog and make money and I’ll give you the top ideas in this article.

Nowadays, practically anything you write (if you’re good at it!) can easily be monetized.

Case in point? Blogs.

Even photos without any words can be monetized, as well as, videos.

Getting to the point where you make money from your blog can take two paths.

The first one is the pure way-treat your blog like the way you treat your other social networking accounts…

Simply a daily log of the things you did, the places you went to or plan to go to.

Or even mundane things like accidentally being served a regular latte once you asked for a non-fat one…

From the time that you reach a good number of followers, earning the money part will take care of itself.

The Business of Blogging

But this may take time, and there’s no surefire way if you’ll truly get to your goal to make money off a website.

This brings us to another path you can take to make money off a website. You can fast track learning how to create a blog and make money by being proactive.

If you treat your blog like a business and do full research and promotion daily you will have a system that makes more and more money on autopilot.

This can take you on the journey to enjoying the dream laptop lifestyle.

how to create a blog and make money

From time to time people worry about turning off readers.

However, when you have a system running you won’t have to worry about that since your blog will still serve its purpose.

To further help you grasp how to create a blog and make money, I’ve listed down a couple of tips.


How to Make Money Off A Blog Right In Your Own Home:

1) Do honest product reviews

Imagine doing this right now…

Have a look at your personal space and look for a product that you regularly use.

This will be the first product that you’re going to review on your blog.

Talk about your experience with the product and what keeps you loyal to this specific brand.

These reviews are usually the beginnings of collaborations between a blogger and the newest product being reviewed.

As a result, you will attract paid sponsorships and you keep writing about them.

Another good thing about this is that whatever you write, they are more like to cross-post it to some of their followers, and in turn drive some of their site’s visitors to your blog.

When more people are reading your blog, brand managers will start tapping you for even more paid or sponsored posts.


2) Increase the traffic on your blog

As mentioned before, there’s a risk that you’ll receive a good deal of product samples especially once you do excellent reviews.

You can give some of it away to your readers via promos.

Aside from content, regularly holding promos on your blog will give your readers something which will make them often visit your blog.

You may also take part in guest blogging to create a blog and make money.

This is where you post write-ups on other blogs or directories.

You include a backlink to your blog to drive the visitors there to your site.

The more visitors you get to your website the more chances there are for you to earn money.

It’s also practical to come up ways to provide incentives to your super fans, or people that engage with your posts regularly.

In addition to posting on forums and articles directories, you can sync your blog to syndicate on your social media.

There are easy ways to automatically share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr Medium, BlogLovin and more.

Recommendation: Get Blog2Social if you want to auto-post and schedule your WordPress blogs posts to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.


3) Advertise every single day

As your blog gets more established, you can start putting spaces up on your blog where people can advertise.

The most common program used for this is Google AdSense since it’s simple enough to use and doesn’t require you to have plenty of technical know-how.

AdSense generates the code which you can copy paste of your blog.

A good deal of advertisers goes this route when they want to promote something because they’re only charged when someone clicks on the ad.

The money you’ll be earning from this won’t seem like a lot at first.

But it starts to build up to thousands of dollars for successful bloggers.

In addition, you can use private advertisements.

Private ads occur when you offer ad space on your blog at a fixed price to an advertiser.

This is among the best ways to create a blog and make money without a long wait for payments.


Final Note

When other companies stumble across your blog and see that it has good authority they will pay you via PayPal or bank transfer after agreeing to publish their ads.

In summary, if you can show them that a good deal of clicks has been generated by the ads then convincing advertisers to place ads regularly your blog could be easy enough.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the basic fundamentals of how to create a blog and make money. Time to take action now!

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