How To Start a Blog On Blogger

How To Start a Blog On Blogger The Easy Way

Does the thought of making a blog scare you? Many marketers are teaching that you should be setting up blogs for your niche online business or if you’re working with an offline business to attract your customers. But if you are not sure how to start a blog on blogger, I will explain the main steps below.

Fortunately, Google now owns Blogger. And they have made it very easy for just about anyone to register for a blog in a few minutes.

This is making it as easy to use that a non-technical individual could set up a site.

Follow the three simple steps to blog building success:


Step 1: Choosing Your Domain Name

Register and sign into Blogger to begin.

You should have already bought your domain at your preferred domain registrar if you need a domain and web hosting checkout Interserver here.

However, as soon as you have bought your domain name and changed the nameserver information to that of your server, you need to log in to blogger and insert your new domain.

Click on “Settings” on the dashboard then go to -> Publishing -> Blog Address.

You will be presented with a section for third-party domain settings.

To add your personal domain to your account, and you simply need to copy and paste the one you want to install the blog to start a blog on blogger domain settings Once you have chosen the domain name, your new Blogger site is virtually ready.

You can begin adding new posts straight away.

Or if you do not want to purchase a new domain, that is fine.

You can use the general domain and they host your blog for free.

Once you have filled out the domain section you click on next step.


Step 2: Your Blog Set-Up

When you reach step 2, you’re going to be telling Blogger what theme you would like to use.

Blogger has templates that you can choose for free to select the one that works best for you.

With Blogger your login details are linked to your Gmail account.

This means that you can log in from any computer using your Gmail email address.

For your password security experts will tell you that you should avoid basic words.

Make it something you will remember, without being simple for somebody else to guess (so your actual first name isn’t a good idea).

Your password should be a secure one, but it doesn’t have to be a 30 character monstrosity that you can’t remember if your life counted on it.

Be certain to check your email because this where Blogger will send you updates and messages when someone leaves a comment on your site.

Finally, you have to give your site a title. This is the title to your blog.

how to create a blog on blogger organic traffic theme

You need to use a keyword rich title to help people find you in the search engines when possible.

Once you have entered that information, you’re ready to click on the “Create blog!” button.


Step 3: Customize Your Blog

When you know how to start a blog on blogger, you will see that it is straightforward and there are not a lot of bells and whistles compared to WordPress, Wix or Weebly.

But that’s alright. Blogger sites rank very fast if you add valuable content often and it is easy for a beginner to start blogging right away.

In fact, you can easily add sidebar widgets and build a great site from a clean slate.

On the sidebar, you are free to add photos, videos, banners and custom HMTL for email opt-ins.

When you begin to write blog posts on Blogger remember to use headers such as H1, H2 and H3 and bullet points and numbered lists to make your text a little more interesting.

In contrast, Blogger is not about grandiose web design.

Instead, your consistently and content is what really makes your blog unique.

This is how you start to attract readers and organic traffic.

Moreover, you can easily check your “Stats” on Blogger without having to set up anything.

You can link Google Analytics when you are ready.

how to create a blog on blogger organic traffic

From this writing panel, you can change the colours of text, scheduling posts to publish later, add a location and save your posts as drafts. This is where you can be creative!

After all, it is not the search engines you’re creating this site for, but the readers that will hopefully bookmark you, and come back again and again.


Earn Income Online With Blogger

Let’s talk about monetising your blog when you know how to start a blog on blogger.

The best thing about Blogger is that comes pre-designed with AdSense layouts.

In addition, it is super easy to add Google AdSense to your blog.

All you need to do is click the “Earnings” link on the dashboard and Google will walk you through how to link your Google AdSense account.

how to create a blog on blogger1

You then have the opportunity to get paid from PPC ads.

AdSense automatically chooses relevant adverts to display that relate to the content on your blog.

So you can sit back, relax and let Google do the hard work for you… Apart from actually writing on your blog!

When it comes to earning with your blog and putting it together with colour combinations that are difficult on the eyes.

I have heard many readers complain about eyestrain when trying to read small white text on black backgrounds.

If you can create the fonts sufficiently large, without taking away from the usefulness of the blog, it is possible to make your site more engaging.

Just keep in mind that not everybody likes bright colours or deep dark themes.

With Blogger the simpler the better.

The in blog design is all about focusing on your content and keeping readers on your site for as long as possible so that they click on adverts that provide solutions to any problems.



To make a start on Blogger follow the three simple steps above.

You should have already researched the subject for those profitable keywords, found your domain name and created a hosting account before doing these three steps.

Once you already have the information to begin making blogs, you only have to log into your blogger account and begin.

I hope that this helps you on your journey to learn how to start a blog on blogger,

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