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Top Affiliate Marketers – 8 Things That Top Affiliate Marketers Do Differently

Are you interested in earning 7-figures with affiliate marketing like the top affiliate marketers? I am also, so I have researched 8 things that they do differently.

Let’s learn it today.

When you see someone with a lot of success living a lifestyle that sparks joy for you, the smart thing to do is to listen to what they’re doing….

And then do exactly the same thing.

List of the 6 top affiliate marketers for 2019 who are well-known in the industry:

  1. Pat Flynn
  2. John Chow
  3. Frank Kern
  4. Jeremy Schoemaker
  5. Missy Ward
  6. Misha Wilson

In this article, we’ll discuss what it is that the Top Affiliate Marketers make a habit of doing.

This always brings successful results.

1. Research

First and foremost top affiliate marketers research their market before creating a full marketing campaign.

What does this mean exactly?

Research takes on many forms and can be done in a lot of different ways.

I’m not sure it’s anything specific that can be taught in one article.

But, .sure you can get ideas from Google Keyword Research, Facebook groups, forums and Quora.

In my experience, to truly dominate a niche becomes instinct.

It’s a matter of paying attention to market trends.

As well as, watching what other affiliates are doing, or not doing.

After a while, you just have an instinct and you will feel that “aha” moment.

Don’t get me wrong; it takes strategy.

And sometimes you simply have to get the boring bits done.

I do believe resources for learning about affiliate marketing are very important and must be used and invested in.

BUT you must do it and “Take Action Now.”

It will be while you’re “doing” something which you learn the most. Moving on…


2. Affiliate Linking

This is an easy one to teach.

Affiliate marketers disguise their affiliate links.

You really should take the time to do it, although cloaking your affiliate links might not appear necessary.

When people see a URL address that’s a mile long visitors will not usually click on your link.

They don’t understand what all the numbers and letters mean.

So it makes them a little skeptical to click on it because of pornography and viruses redirects and stuff like that.

There are link cloaking tools which will look after this problem for you – like

Just do a Google search or ask around in some of the affiliate marketing forums for a recommendation.


3. Writing

Top affiliate marketers write and distribute articles frequently.

Writing articles that focus on your market niche is essential to establish you as a specialist or an authority in your area.

When you submit an article to an article directory “web spiders” pick up it.

They publish your article with links back to your main website, which results in an increase in web traffic.

Articles can be quite powerful for generating links and traffic.

It is crucial for any affiliate marketer.


4. Focus

Affiliate Marketers focus on a single niche.

Filling your website with articles and content that’s focused on a niche or a product is one way of being successful at affiliate marketing.

Because all your efforts are the focus in exactly the same direction.

Because of this, your success builds upon itself.


5. Email Lists

Top affiliate marketers build a subscriber list and appeal to that list via an autoresponder.

Having a list allows you to have contact with potential clients and establish a relationship.

With the autoresponder you can send automatic emails to your subscriber list, giving them information regarding your product your website and your niche.

This gives you more chances to share product recommendations via your affiliate links.

People will also reply to you and you can help them with their questions and conduct surveys.


6. Websites

Top affiliate marketers use their web pages to pre-sell.

Alternatively, you may wish to use landing pages or squeeze pages.

You should create either review pages or pages which talk about and with.

This is the best way of getting orders for your favourite affiliate programs.


7. Advertise

The best affiliate marketers try to use every means available to advertise their site/product.

You can advertise using PPC, article marketing, email advertising, as well as, a host of other digital methods.

Some are free and some you have to pay for.

Advertising in some way (paid or free ) is necessary to get more web traffic.

This is required to be successful.


8. Optimize

Affiliate marketers optimize their web pages.

Search engine optimization is getting more complicated as more webmasters engage.

But the fundamentals are still pretty much the same: relevance and keywords are vital.


Final Note

In summary, the top affiliate marketers have general similarities when it comes to research, affiliate linking, writing, focus, email lists, websites, advertising and optimising.

In conclusion, If you implement the 8 disciplines listed above, you’ll be on your way to being one of the greats that are making it big in affiliate marketing.

Faithful in your success!

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