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ClickBank Marketplace: An Overview For Newbies in Affiliate Marketing

The ClickBank Marketplace is thriving with proof of affiliates who make money daily by promoting the products listed in various different categories.

When focusing on affiliate marketing platforms, is arguably the number one online network on the market, and rightly so.

Clickbank has existed for over 14 years and during this period has paid over $2.3 Billion for their customers – both the sellers as well as the affiliate marketers.

That simple fact in itself is proof to the strength, potential, and achievement of the ClickBank Marketplace as a top online affiliate marketing network.


Let’s Explore the Other Benefits supplies a vast number of online digital solutions in its Marketplace.

The marketplace is basically the page to search through thousands of opportunities and products to promote with ease. Below is a snapshot of the ClickBank marketplace:

clickbank marketplace

My clickbank earnings $2234

As a ClickBank affiliate, you’ve got an almost endless variety of products and solutions you can select from to earn money online.


How To Make Your Selection On ClickBank Marketplace

And there’s no limitation on the actual number of things you could market.

For instance, if you are interested in health and fitness and you found an excellent guide sold via the Clickbank online affiliate marketing network system that you wanted to inform others about.

It is to your advantage to register for a free Clickbank internet affiliate accounts (there is no cost to sign up and you will know straight away if your account is confirmed).

Next, you look for the health and health ebook in the ClickBank site Marketplace and get your unique internet affiliate marketer associate (HopLink).

Another key thing to look out for is the amount and percentage that you will be paid per sale.

ClickBank is always profitable because the top products pay out on average 30 – 50%.

This is very high in the affiliate marketing industry in general.

This means that when you start to get sales every day and every week this profit is your to keep and/or re-invest into your online business.


How To Start Promoting From the ClickBank Marketplace

There are a million different ways to successfully create an affiliate marketing campaign on the internet. Below we have given you a step-by-step example that is easy for Newbies to understand how it all works: 

  1.  You create a product review regarding the e-book on your blog
  2. Or put up an endorsement on and also in your preferred health forum or community
  3. Remember to use tracking or cover your links with a site such as, never put your raw affiliate link directly onto a social media website
  4. If folks browse through the product review or blog post, click on your Clickbank affiliate link, and end up buying the item, you’re going to get paid a percentage of the sale
  5. You can then find still another product or solution in your market of interest, for instance, something about exercising in the workplace, and replicate the strategy of sharing and earning much more commissions!


Email Marketing and ClickBank Marketplace

But say, like most ClickBank affiliates, you don’t have a passion for anything more than making money. This ‘s a fine approach to working with ClickBank…

Their MarketPlace provides a newbie affiliate with a lot of relevant statistics and information to help them make an educated decision on which products to market.

By example, imagine that you had a site with a comprehensive mailing list where you stored in contact with your followers.

As an affiliate, you may be interested in a product which has a large rebill percentage. Whatever information you need on the item, you can find it in the ClickBank Marketplace and share this via email with your list.

Interestingly, there are many e-commerce websites listed on Flippa for sale that have geenerated thousands of followers and website subscribers, but they do not know how to monetise their following with email marketing.

This is a potential goldmine of ready-made sites for people who can match website creation with email marketing and affiliate products.


How to Use ClickBank Marketplace in a Nutshell

Still another fantastic highlight of the ClickBank affiliate network system is how simple and easy it is to use.

Sign up is a breeze – complete a simple form and instantly get a confirmation from the ClickBank network.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll get your affiliate link from the site, where you’re going to get access to in-depth sales statistics and reporting.

Payments are bi-weekly and only after you’ve received two checks, you’re qualified to receive direct bank deposit.

Also, you do not need to sign any individual contracts with the retailers, ClickBank already arranged this to simplify things. So simple!

We should also add that they manage all refunds and customer service related issues. So if you start receiving queries you can simply direct your customers to ClickBank and therefore protect your time dealing with feedback.

This is important because as an affiliate marketer all of your time needs to be spent on creating web traffic, leads and sales. This is a full commitment alone.

As a affiliate marketer, there is potential l to work from virtually any place in the world.

Believe it or not, you could even promote digital products in Spanish, German and French. also accepts approx. 13 – 20 different kinds of foreign currency and this seems to be increasing worldwide.

Watch the short video below for a demo on how to choose profitable products on Clickbank:


Considering sustainability, big payouts, convenience as well as worldwide reach, the ClickBank Marketplace is without a doubt something that you want to look into.

As well as, if you’re contemplating becoming an internet affiliate marketer or building a part-time 7-figure business.

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