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Affiliate Marketing Success – 8 Things That Top Affiliate Marketers Do

When you see someone who has already achieved a lot of affiliate marketing success with an area that you’re interested, the smart thing to do is to watch to what they’re doing…

And then do exactly the same thing.

In this article, we’ll discuss what it is that the Top Affiliate Marketers make a habit of doing.

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When you take action consistently you can also get high levels of affiliate marketing success.


Here are the 8 top tips to use:


1) Powerful Research

First and foremost affiliate marketers research their market before creating a full marketing campaign.

Research takes on many forms and can be done in a lot of different ways.

Truthfully, there is no magic bullet for doing the research steps.

However, you can absolutely get great ideas from Google keyword planner and business-related Facebook groups.

In summary, you can get ideas but to truly master niche research it has to become instinct.

It’s a matter of paying attention to market trends as well as watching what other affiliates are doing… Or not doing.

If you can find a gap in the market then that is also very lucrative.

After a while, you just have an instinct about how to create interesting content.

Don’t get me wrong; it CAN be learnt over time the more you practise.

Sure you can learn a lot from a “course,” but I don’t think you can learn what it takes to get that “ah-ha” moment.

Finally, I do believe that resources for learning affiliate marketing are very important and must be used for beginners.

BUT you must do it and “TAKE ACTION”.

Because it will be while you’re “doing” something which you learn the most.


2) Stealth Marketing

Affiliate marketers disguise their affiliate links.

In other words, you can use a website like to cover up any new affiliate links.

You really should take the time to do it, because it makes your campaigns and messages a lot more attractive.

For example, there are top YouTubers who openly and passionately promote products and services that they love.

However, they do it in a smooth, quick and authentic way.

It has to be the same for your online business.

If people see a very long URL address visitors will not usually click on your link.

They don’t understand what all the numbers and letters mean, so it makes them a little sceptical to click on it because of pornography and viruses redirects and stuff like that.

There are link cloaking tools which will look after this problem for you. Just do a Google search or ask around in some of the affiliate marketing forums for a recommendation.


3) Creating Blogs

Top affiliate marketers write and distribute articles.

Writing articles that focus on your market niche is essential to establish you as specialist or an authority in your area.

When you submit an article to an article directory you can also generate free leads.

High authority article directories also publish your article and give you valuable backlinks to your own website.

Articles can be quite powerful for generating links and traffic.

It is crucial for any affiliate marketer.


4) Pick a Niche

Affiliate Marketers focus on a single niche such as Wealth, Fitness, Beauty or Romance.

Fill your website with articles and content that’s focused on a niche or a product.

This is is one way of creating affiliate marketing success because all your efforts are the focus in exactly the same direction.

This is vital when you are starting up your business so that you won’t be burnt out.

Because of this the momentum builds and builds upon itself.


5) Build a Funnel

Top affiliate marketers build a subscriber list and promote to that list via an autoresponder.

Having a list allows you to have contact with potential clients and build a relationship long-term.

With the autoresponder such as Aweber, you can send automatic emails to your subscriber list, giving them information regarding your product your website and your niche.

This means you can get sales and make money when you are sleeping and dreaming.

Additionally, it gives you more chances to share product recommendations via your affiliate links.


6) Creating Reviews

Top affiliate marketers use their web pages to pre-sell.

You should create either review pages or pages which talk about and with.

This is the best way of getting orders for your favorite affiliate programs.


7) Advertising 24/7

Top affiliate marketers Try to use every means available to advertise their site or product.

You can advertise using paid ads like PPC, article marketing, ezine advertising as well as a host of other methods.

Some are free and some you have to pay a low-cost.

In summary, advertising in some way (paid or free) is necessary to get the traffic required to be successful.


8) Optimising and Tracking

Affiliate marketers optimize their web pages and track a lot of statistics!

Search engine optimization is getting more complicated as more developments are released, but the fundamentals are still pretty much the same…

You have to keep your website and information relevant, engaging and understandable.

For this reason, the first step is to actually promote and create.

Afterwards, you can review the numbers and track what is working well then focus in on doing more of what works.

Remember, with affiliate marketing there is no time to worry over campaigns that didn’t work.


Final Note

In conclusion, if you implement the disciplines listed above, you’ll be on your way to being one of the top affiliate marketers that are experiencing great affiliate marketing success.

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