What Is An Affiliate Link?

What Is An Affiliate Link – Description Here

At present earning money online is a phenomenon to everyone. This has lead to a lot of newbies asking, ‘What is an affiliate link?’

So I will start with the basics. The affiliate marketing definition is the process of promoting someones else’s product for a commission.

Therefore, in order to carry out this type of work on the internet you have to use a tracked URL (website link).

The tracked website link notes the number of people you get to visit the website.

Consequently, when a visitor makes a purchase via your affiliate link you will receive a percentage of that individual sale.

In addition, there are huge affiliate networks and tracking softwares that automate all of the reporting and tracking, so you don’t have to worry about thar part.

This is what makes the affiliate marketing industry very profitable.

what is an affiliate link


Examples Of How To Create Affiliate Links

Step 1 :

Firstly you have to register with an affiliate network such as ClickBank or ShareASale.

Step 2:

You can then search through high paying affiliate programs and choose products to promote.

Step 3:

On each product, you will see your unique tracking link to copy and paste.

Step 4:

You can share the tracking link in emails, blogs and social media.

Here are some examples of what is an affiliate link:

a) Hyperlinked blog or email text: This is an affiliate link to Online Business Training

b) Raw link: https://bc8fdnvhuhgt8z639pc54vbx82.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=BLOGPOST
(very long and unattractive!)

c) Covered link: http://dapalan.com/IXDu (short and cute!)

Extra tip: Never put raw links online. Use Adf.ly first to cover the link. You can also earn money from Adf.ly every day for simply sharing links!


Step 5:

A great idea is to invest in advertising such as PPC and PPV networks to get more web traffic and earn more income.


How Can You Earn Online With Affiliate Links?

Okay, now you know what an affiliate link is, what does it mean for you?

The next step is to take action so you can begin to earn income online.

The key is to learn and implement internet marketing strategies that will get people to see your affiliate links.

Otherwise, how will you sell anything at all?

Using affiliate links is a system between merchants, buyers and affiliates through encouraging and communicating.

As people hear about this marketing system they are eager to start affiliate marketing, but most of them do not how to promote affiliate links.

The goal is as people visit websites in this system, the affiliates earn money.

He or she is paid for every visitor or customer.

On the other hand, its assumed if the results are poor, that no payment will be due.


Confused About Affiliate Links?

There are some rumors or misconceptions although affiliate marketing is popular earning source.

The majority of people think that marketing is like selling.

The reality is that advertising and marketing are different to selling.

Some people are also in fear about how to get payments online.

Normally, this marketing is run by an affiliate network that links merchants and the affiliates in an area.

Both the parties need to perform their particular tasks to be connected with it.

The affiliate network makes sure the technology to do the business and works to both of the parties as a third-party.

There’s absolutely no doubt of collecting payment from trusted networks.

The affiliates job is to generate leads and traffic every day.

As a result, they benefit from the time they put in by earning a lot of income.

This is a source of earning part-time or full-time for an affiliate marketer.


Your Job Using Affiliate Links

There must be an understanding between merchants and affiliates to perform the prescribed job.

The affiliates are the intermediary to go to the consumer for a product.

You can choose to share affiliate links to r links to informational sites, downloadable products, apps, or even household items.

Merchandisers and vendors often provide best-seller items, funnels, sales copy, shipping and customer support.

If the parties work together, the system will produce a profit every day.

In conclusion, the merchant and the affiliate both are assigned to market the product.

The more coverage you can generate and products’ popularity leads to more earnings when you learn what is an affiliate link.

Faithful in your success!

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