ClickBank Marketplace Review

ClickBank Marketplace Review and 7 Steps For ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

In this ClickBank Marketplace review, we will talk about how it can help to earn money online.

It is a trusted platform that you can use to start your own part-time online business as easily as possible.

ClickBank Maketplace Review

ClickBank is an online marketplace for products delivered digitally.  

They’re not the only website that provides this service (such as ClickBetter, Commission Junction and Plimus), but they’re most likely the best known.

How Does the ClickBank Marketplace Work?

Not only is it possible to sell your digital products through ClickBank, but it is also possible to sell other people’s products.  

If you are a newbie affiliate the goal is to send a visitor into a sales page that’s connected to ClickBank and that same visitor then goes on to buy a product.

When they make a purchase the commission will be paid to the affiliate who created the link on that sale.  

This is called affiliate marketing, and it’s made many entrepreneurs thousands of dollars in commission.

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Is It Easy to Make Place on ClickBank Marketplace?

Making money from ClickBank affiliate marketing is possible, but it requires hard work and dedication.  

This isn’t a be all and end all platform, but it’s a good foundation for anyone interested in affiliate marketing started on the perfect path.

ClickBank is the place to find a wide variety of products that you can then promote.

The challenge for most people is then actually learning how to successfully become a marketer and encourage people to sign up.

Having a system that runs on autopilot is one of the best solutions for working with ClickBank.


Create a Useful Website to Promote ClickBank Products

One of the next steps you will need to take is to create a blog to promote your ClickBank product.

As a general tip, you can add articles that are useful and related to the product chosen for the blog.

 For example, if you as an affiliate are interested in promoting a product on weight loss, you can create a weight loss blog.

Write a review and 20  or so articles on the preferred ClickBank product and place it to the newly created website.

Then you can subtly add in your ClickBank affiliate links to recommend related products.

Funnel traffic towards the review that you have just written.

 Build internal back-links into the review and pin it as the top post on the blog homepage.

Want to know how to choose the best products on ClickBank? Watch the short video here:


Get Free Traffic by Ranking in Google with SEO

To be able to get more people to see the products that you choose from ClickBank your website will have to get some traffic.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free source of traffic, primarily from Google, but it doesn’t come easy.

Use Google Keyword Planner to pick a keyword with 100  searches each month and make a blog post designed with these keywords in mind.

Backlinks are the building block of how Google ranks the website.  

The more backlinks the site has, the better the ranking Google will give it.  

Build quality back-links by carefully using article directories such as


Sell ClickBank Products with Paid Traffic

Here is another option to get you started on your journey if you are considering using ClickBank for affiliate marketing.

It’s also possible to bypass the long wait for free traffic (organic listing) from Google when someone searches for keywords by using Google’s paid advert system, known as AdWords.

Again, use Google Keyword Planner to find keywords pertinent to the chosen ClickBank product, create ads and buy ad space for those keywords in Google AdWords.  

Redirect this traffic to your product review on the blog, or link it to an email sign up a landing page that you own.

It’s not always possible to directly link to an affiliate link, so directing them to the review page on the website is a good idea to get a landing page.



In our ClickBank Marketplace review, we have shown that ClickBank is a trusted and reliable platform to begin your journey into affiliate marketing. 

They also provide a lot of training guides and videos that you can access on their website and that will teach you even more about how to take action.

To sum up:

  • Choose a product from ClickBank
  • Create a blog based on that product
  • Compose 20  quality content for your blog
  • Create a review of the chosen ClickBank product
  • Point traffic to this review
  • Get organic or paid traffic from search engines to the website
  • Reap the rewards and commissions

It’s not a get rich quick system, but with commitment and the right marketing combination, it’s possible to make money with ClickBank.

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