How To Make Money Online And Get Paid Through PayPal


Every week people contact me to ask about how to make money online and get paid through PayPal.

Maybe you are a budding entrepreneur who needs to find a way to make money online too.

Or perhaps you already have a blog or e-commerce site that is more of a hobby at the moment.

The starting point is to identify, what is there to do to actually earn a reliable income online?

For most people, they are caught by the latest trend of money making that’s selling and creating Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin news.

However, let’s keep it simple. The most reliable method for a beginner on how to make money online and get paid through PayPal is to sell gigs.


How To Get Started

The mother site of this technique, Fiverr, has spawned an entire slew of clone websites, also known as gig websites.

These gig websites are increasingly popular among small companies for a wide assortment of fun ways to do branding and to outsourcing.

Registration for becoming a vendor on these sites is made up of nothing more than e-mail verification.

Once your e-mail gets confirmed, you can post up to 20 different offers for sale and begin making money instantly.

Making and selling gigs on gig websites is a rather simple process, especially if you’re selling gigs which don’t involve any real work on your part, for example, downloadable information.

Other gigs which do involve some work must be gigs which don’t require you a lot of effort to complete, so you don’t end up becoming overwhelmed with gig work.


How To Make Money Online And Get Paid Through PayPal: 14 Ideas

Samples of gigs which don’t take much effort are offers include:

  • Facebook and Twitter shares
  • Proofreading
  • Sending a valuable e-book
  • Boosting Facebook fan page
  • Passing flyers out
  • Logo design
  • Business consulting
  • Project management
  • Software training
  • Lead generation
  • Website updates
  • Testimonials
  • Photo/video feedback
  • A music video commercial

The thing about promoting gigs is that buyers love great imagination, so use your creative thinking to make you more money.

Stop asking yourself what can I perform to earn money, and start thinking of what you’ve got that individuals might want to purchase from you.

Think of these useful eBooks you’ve made on your hard disk drive just sitting there which are actually worth something.

Think of your social network after that you might be capable to send some offers to.

Think of those scribbles you use to do that individuals might actually pay you for.

You are on YouTube a lot anyway, which means why not provide packages of video comments?

Exploit your beautiful girlfriend or handsome boyfriend even and make them take a picture with a sign for a purchaser for a few bucks.

The possibilities are endless with what you can offer which will easily earn you some money.


Standing Out To Get Paid

Once you’ve gathered your gigs together, make them stand out on the website with choices to get it featured, and a catchy title, and even a brief video introduction also to the gig maybe.

Share your gigs also to your social network, and post your gigs on one or more gig site.

Selling gigs may easily replace an income from a part time job.


In conclusion, start by thinking about what can YOU do to earn money?

After some time as a freelancer in the micro job field you will build a successful online business.

In addition, if you start you run your own website or digital business, you can earn money while you are out having fun.

Take the opportunities that are presented to you.

This is the ultimate goal of how to make money online and get paid through PayPal.

Faithful in your success!

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