How To Start a Blog And Get Paid

How To Start a Blog And Get Paid – Get Paid For Blogging

Do you know the basics about how to start a blog and get paid?

Firstly, you must have a web site to earn money online.

That’s among the greatest myths about making money online.

In fact, you do not have to own your very own web site to be capable of making money online.

There are plenty of ways that you could earn money on the web by using a free blogging website.

If you want to see how to start a blog and get paid how to start a blog and get paid I highly recommend Bluehost. It will give you the best advantage to earn money with your website. Using my link it starts at only $3.95/month – which is a great offer.  Bluehost is the best web hosting package that gives you a FREE Domain, 1-Click WordPress Installation. Get started here.

Either way, among the simplest and most profitable ways of earning money online that nearly anyone can use to make additional money, is by writing content for other websites.

Can you really get paid to write? Yes!

And guess what? ! You really might get compensated to write about things you understand and like, things you are good at or know of and things that are simple.

This is the kind of content everybody loves.

The next list of websites to get you paid for writing are chosen cautiously to assure flexibility.

Our focus here is to point out that you can learn how to start a blog and get paid very quickly by using a popular website that already has a lot of readers.

Nevertheless, with regards to content revenue sharing websites, not all revenue sharing websites are created equal.

Some websites pay you an upfront fee for the item based on the duration and the topic of your article.

Whereas, some websites take a different approach and discuss the earnings they earn from ads displayed alongside your published articles.

Regardless of which blogging method you select, there are several websites which are better than others.

If you are considering making money by blogging online, here are the top 8 content websites where you might find your perfect opportunity.


Top 8 Content Websites to earn money with:

1) – If English is your first language, join today at no cost and you will have access to HUNDREDS of compensated composing jobs.

2) – FreelanceMyWay, a market for connecting freelancers with clients.

FreelanceMyWay is a great platform to connecting freelancers and clients which offers a number of attributes that both can benefit from.

A very trusted content website where one can write reviews, guides or just your very own opinion about any given subject.

3) Medium – The good thing about Medium is that you could publish articles you’ve published elsewhere as well. The way to use it is to generate web traffic to your affiliate links and it’s free to join.

4) Writing Jobs Online – I am an affiliate for Writing Jobs online and they provide lists of job opportunities where you can get paid to write online. Slightly different from blogging but it is a valuable site to get paid online. Check it out here.

5) – Among the most prestigious content site. About a decade ago they were in the top 20 visited sites on the internet! The amount of cash people made depended upon the popularity and the amount of traffic and rating the essay receives. has now changed to and at the time of writing, this they no longer offer paid opportunities.

6) – DigitalJournal was founded in 1998 as a news network, this is for anyone professional journalists to get compensated to write and discuss news and events around the globe.

7) eHow – is among the most famous how-to guide sites where one can make money composing step by step instructions showing people how to do anything.

8) Coobis – Another trustworthy content website and they pay you online with PayPal after a writer selects you for a job and you complete it on time. Coobis is a great place to register to get paid for sponsored posts on your own blog.


In summary, I hope this helps you in making the decision on how to start a blog and get paid using the best website of your choice.


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