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What Is Userlytics?


Userlytics is a remote user testing platform where you can earn money by testing diverse websites, applications or models.


You can earn somewhere close to $5 to $20 for testing computerized resources like website or application and sharing your criticism about the item.


Each test will require around 20 minutes to finish and you will earn money once the customer is fulfilled about your criticism.


This Seems Like A Great Approach To Make Money Online


How about we learn out progressively about this organization:


Userlytics is operated by Userlytics Corporation US. As indicated by CrunchBase, The organization was established on June 4, 2009, and dynamic till now.


They are headquartered at San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, and the Western US.
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How Does Userlytics Work?


Initially, you need to enrol in an account on Userlytics. Visit Userlytics here to open an account.


Thereafter, you have to fill your profile with your data like training, statistic, which gadget and Operating framework you use.


As indicated in other reviews, the more data you give to the platform, the more user testing work you will get.


At that point, you will get welcomed for user testing jobs where you need to work as per the directions are given by the customer.


Userlytics Reviews – The Basic User Testing Tasks:


  • Creating your account on a site, filling the profile and welcoming companions.


  • Search for items on an online business webpage and testing if the request page is working or not.


  • Navigating to a site and checking it’s format and usefulness.


  • Comparing the website of a customer to its rival and sharing your perspectives concerning why their rival’s site is preferable or more awful over the customer’s website.


  • Testing an application and sharing your perspectives about it.


  • Reacting to promotions and recordings.


These are the basic tasks of a Userlytics analyzer. Subsequent to doing remote testing, you need to give nitty gritty criticism utilizing your receiver or at times webcam.


After the customer’s mentioned subtleties have been given, they will review and rate your task.


When your task has been set apart as endorsed, you will earn money for the task.


Extra Tips:


  • Fulfil your customers with careful criticism to get a decent appraising.


  • Your customers need to discover what’s up with their item.


So make sure to incorporate every one of the issues and blunders alongside some great highlights about their item.


Userlytics Requirements


Userlytics are allowed to join worldwide however you need to live in a Paypal upheld nation so as to receive your earnings.


Or on the other hand, you can deal with a Paypal account from your family members and companions living in Paypal upheld nation.


Expansion to that, You will require a Macintosh with OSX 10.11 or higher or


PC/PC with Windows 7 or higher with programmings like Adobe streak player and JAVA introduced on your framework.


You will likewise require a cutting edge web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.


On the off chance that you are utilizing your cell phone to test websites, you can download the Android App or IOS application.


A fast web association is likewise required to effectively finish the activity.


What amount does Userlytics pay per task?


This is one of them as often as possible posed inquiries about this platform.


Also, the response to that question is “It Depends.”


As per use lyrics, you can get paid $5 to $20 for fruitful fulfilment of user testing tasks.


Want More Pay?


Userlytics likewise guarantees that you can even earn $90 for a task obviously that requires some extra work and time.


In any case, regularly, you can earn $5 or $10 per task. Not too bad for around 20-minutes of work.



Payment Method: How To Receive Your Earnings?


There is just a single payment alternative accessible which is PayPal.


When you complete a task and give your input to the customer, your work will be evaluated and affirmed.


When endorsed, you will receive your earnings inside 15 days.


You can earn $5 – $20 for each user testing task you complete.


Userlytics Review


In doing exploration about this platform, we can say this is a genuine organization and it plays its part on schedule.


There isn’t a lot of review about the platform on the web, so it’s difficult to go over any Userlytics tricks or grumblings.


Be that as it may, the platform looks genuine and If I experienced any issue with Userlytics, I will make sure to refresh this review.


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