Make Money Doing Nothing PayPal

Make Money Doing Nothing PayPal- eBay Style!

How nice is it to make money doing nothing PayPal legit? 

Yes, it is really possible.

When I was at university, I would be watching YouTube all day, brushing my hair and getting fat payments in my account.

I was selling books online.

You can do the same and more too.

Okay, so all of us know about browsing eBay to buy just about anything.

So why aren’t you taking advantage of this?

What did you expect to make from nothing…

Yes, first you have to set up the path for income.

And it’s easy.

Forget gold and bitcoin.

Even if you start with small sales on eBay from whatever quantity of money you make, it all adds up!


Make Money Doing Nothing PayPal – The Truth

Well, maybe I wasn’t telling the truth when I said ‘nothing.’

My method requires you have working limbs and a computer, and pocket change…

And an eBay account.

The fact is, humans are lazy beings, and it’s that nature we’re going to take the easy way.

That’s fine.

Start by browsing eBay categories under the buy menu to “Wholesale & Job Lots –> Other Wholesale & Job Lots.”

This is where everyone lists the stuff they want to clear out without throwing it in the bin.

You really can hit a goldmine in this section actually.

It’s only a case of going through the listings.

I suggest sorting by “Distance: nearest first” – and looking for real listings of job lots people want to clear out.

Ignore all of the bulk lots of cheap tack that won’t ever sell, this will become automatic over time when you get used to it!

From my experience, the typical job lot goes for £5-25 ($8-$43 for our American Cousins).

And you will be lucky enough to pick up a lot that’s within 100 miles.


Next Steps

So all goes to plan – you have a car/room filled with someone else’s stuff ready to sell.


Now all you’ve got to do is sit back and put everything up on eBay – separately.

I’ve always worked on the basic theory that if I got a job lot of stuff that had 200-400 items in, if I listed each item for 99p and only sold half of these, I’d still have doubled my money.

Clearly the bigger the lot – or closer the lot… or the number of lots you buy, the more profit and in the end.

It really comes down to how much time your willing to commit.


Mistakes To Avoid

The step that makes or breaks this method is how you list things on eBay.

You have to re-list your items professionally.

A detailed picture, accurate descriptions and accepting returns on more valuable items will make any potential buyers more confident to buy from you.

OR click on the bid button once the time comes.

Pro Tip: There are plenty of articles and Kindle books detailing the art of eBay listings that you can read up on.

Another thing worth mentioning is starting an eBay shop.

Only do this if you like eBay selling and become fairly efficient at it.

Then it can be worth opening a shop to make the most of eBay fee shop discounts.

I think it works more efficient if you’re listing more than 75 items a month.


Success Stories

Here are my own success stories when it comes to reselling stuff on eBay before things round off.

One specific textbook I sold I purchased second hand on Amazon.

Then I was able to sell it on eBay for double the amount when I finished university.

Imagine if you start using this method now daily and weekly.

I listed my books at a competitive price with free postage.

Basically, I calculated how much the postage would be and increased the original pricing (no need to lose out when it comes to going to the post office).

In a few months, every single book was sold and I was onto my next project.



In summary, there you have it – a surefire way to make money doing nothing PayPal.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I expect that it shed some light on the goldmines of eBay.

Since then, I’ve met dozens of people and been using this method for years who highly recommend making money on eBay.


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