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How To Make Money Fast From Home To Pay A Bill – 3 Suggestions

This is the scenario. A holiday bill showed up from no-where. I mean you purchased flight tickets to the Maldives months ago and now it’s due, so how can you make money fast from home?

The date, in writing on the bill says you have two remaining days to pay or they’re likely to switch off your holiday flights and make you pay the penalty to re-book.

You don’t want to borrow money from those people who charge 20% weekly on your next paycheck.

Here are three suggestions to make a couple of hundred bucks, legally.

Idea 1

I always say affiliate marketing is the best business to get into now.

Once you set up your marketing funnel you can grow income long-term so that bills are never a surprise again.

For the ULTIMATE experience of earning money online, I highly recommend that you check out 6-Figure Side-Income Online.

This method will make you confident about filling your bank account…

Despite this, some people still say that they don’t have money to buy affiliate marketing programs.

So here is a more practical foodie example to give you ideas on how to make money fast from home…

You can’t say I left you out (and the choice is yours)…

Proceed to your local stationery shop and spend $1.30 on a roll of white square “stick on” labels.

Then go to the supermarket and purchase three loaves of brown bread and sliced white.

Purchase a slab of soda cans that are cheap and some ingredients, like eggs, ham, cheese, and lettuce.

(Around $13) Now go home and find an attractive plastic container and put a clean tea towel inside it.

Also, put some ice in a plastic bag and put it in the container before you depart, so the environment in your container is cool.

Next, make 60 sandwiches of varying types.

Cut them in half, so the cut is tidy and clean and wraps them in plastic wrap.

Because you will need food to be sold by some certification, this is not strictly legal.

But in this emergency, doing it only for a few days is excusable.

Do make an intense effort to be clean and hygienic.

Stick the stick on labels on each product’s front and put a price on each sandwich, also on the soda cans.

You should get a return of a dollar or more on each sale.

Now go out and see a hundred people outside your home.

You should be able to sell most of the attractive looking of drinks and your food and your stock due to the convenience.

Work sites where the hungry worker awaits.


Idea 2

Back to your computer. The next idea involves how to make money fast from home using eBay.

Find 3 to four items in your garage or spare room that you don’t need and never use.

For example, an old bike, or computer or whatever has some value.

Next, detail the item on eBay.

It is very easy to register for eBay and put up your first listings for sale.

Also, you need to take some photos of the items on your phone and upload at least 4 (the more the better).

This method means using some elbow grease to make it work.

You’ll be amazed how an item can be sold if it is sparkling clean.

Next, go to the second-hand stores and look for more items to sell to the highest bidder.

Be a great negotiator and always walk away, only to return if you’re positive about your best price.


Idea 3

If you play as a musical instrument, you’ll never starve!

For example, if you play the guitar or saxophone record yourself and have some fun with it.

Then you can set up your own basic website and ask for donations from people who enjoy your musical talents.

Naturally, you want to show your new website to your Facebook and Instagram friends quickly.

It is very easy to use a donate button or set up Patreon to receive money.

Pro Tip: Set up Google AdSense on your website after 2 – 4 weeks.

Lastly, if you don’t have some musical ability, you find a book of poems that appeal to you and can visit the library and recite them.

Or write your own on your website but in a funny and dramatic way.

In summary, there are really endless ideas you can use if you’re creative.

These were 3 simple ideas to get your mind focused on make money fast from home.


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