Get Paid To Read Articles And Rate Them

How Can I Get Paid To Read Articles And Rate Them Online?

Reading online is a great way to learn something new and expand your knowledge on any particular topic. This is why so many people want to get paid to read articles and rate them because it sounds fairly easy.

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I used to read a ton when I was younger. Afterwards, life happened and I needed to adult and spend the majority of my time focusing on parenting, work, and maintaining the household.


Little did I know, you may actually get paid to read novels on the web. If you love reading, you can actually earn money doing something you enjoy. Here are some of the greatest sites and opportunities that can allow you to get paid to read different materials on the internet.


Get Paid to Read Books Online


1. Kirkus Media


Kirkus Media is searching for seasoned publication reviewers of Spanish and Spanish English-language titles. They has lots of work to go around, they review or edit nearly 10,000 books each year. The company might also sometimes hire for copy editors and editors as well.


Reviews are typically about 350 words and are due two weeks following the publication is assigned. Kirkus Media Media reviews all books and genres of many different lengths.


2. Online Book Club


This is another book review website which will let you read books and write an honest review. For your first review with Online Book Club, then you’ll get the book at no cost. After that trial period, then you’ll start to be compensated for your book reviews.


Any book you do a review will also be liberated. If you didn’t enjoy the book that’s okay, the company isn’t searching for a favorable review only an honest one. Most payouts from the Online Book Club currently vary between $5 – $60 each review.


3. Any Subject Books


Any Subject Books does not anticipate a longtime commitment and comprehends a book by book basis is the best thing to do. This website makes certain the genre is in something that you will enjoy and you’ll be given a small outline of what the book is about with every copy.


When you complete the review, the book will be provided to the author and replicated in total on their site. Authors can then copy and use your review but can’t change the content. In anyway.


5. Book Browse


If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer with Book Browse, then you will need to submit superior sample reviews, and they need to be at least 300 words. BookBrowse testimonials adult fiction, nonfiction, and books for young adults. With each publication you operate on reviewers also write a”beyond the book” article. Reviewers write about one review a month.


Most Book Browser Programmers are based in the United States, but the business is open to using people from outside the united states. It’s unlikely that publishers can send print copies into a home outside of the USA though so you may have to be comfortable with a ebook rather than a physical backup.


6. Women’s Review of Books


Women’s Review of Books pays $100 for every review delegated and printed. Women’s review of books is strict on who they allow to review their content and do not assign book reviews to relatives, friends, coworkers, or even enemies of their publication’s writer.


7. The US Overview of Publications


Reviews for US Overview of Books must be edited using Chicago style so it is a high-calible site. How it works is completed reviews must be turned in over 2-3 weeks of if it had been delegated. The earlier you know which title you’d like to review the greater. Reviews are assigned in order of if asked for a title and also on a best-fit basis. Normal testimonials with US Review of Books are anywhere from 250-300 words. Reviewers are paid monthly for every review done the prior month. Checks are shipped out by the 5th of each month.


I hope that you found this as interesting as I did when it comes to get paid to read articles and rate them.


Faithful in your success!




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