How To Make Money As A Blog Writer

A Guide To How To Make Money As A Blog Writer

Many people are presently endeavouring to make money blogging as an approach to enhance their present pay by learning how to make money as a blog writer.

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The issue, nonetheless, is that it is extremely hard to make any money while a blog is shiny new. Indeed, it’s something that I get messages pretty much constantly.

Despite that I know it is possible to make a lot of money from one blog so below are tips and pointers for you.


Become A Blog Writer in 5 Simple Steps

Want to make money by becoming a blogger for hire?

Websites need content, and if you’ve web blogging skills, a blog job can be for you.

Preferably, you’ve got your very own blog and this is the best way to learn how to make money as a blog writer.

You are also enthusiastic about this form of Web writing.

Let us begin looking at five steps that will assist you to make money online:


1. Who Are You?

Choose your topics firstly and choose what areas you want to cover.

Whether you have a background in industries such as business, personal development, spirituality, health and engineering, CrossFit, music, fashion or other areas you’ll find work.

Alternatively, go with your interests.

If you love food and cooking, for example, there are plenty of blogs and food websites.

Or if you have a lot of knowledge about parenting tips and children activities that is great too.

Or it is effective if you are intrigued by a topic, and don’t have any background in it. You can go on a learning adventure while you earn.

Personally, I recommend learning about selecting a profitable niche blog idea that brings together your skills, interests and earning potential.

Can you get a job? Yes, you can, but you will need to get up to speed.

Do a course in the blogging region and practice daily.


2. Show You Are An Expert on Your Own Blog

Once you have chosen your speciality, start web blogging about the area on your own blog.

Show that you are a professional. If you leave this step out, yes, you may get tasks, but they’re likely to be ones that are not paid as well.

The greater your experience and experience in a place, the more you’ll be paid.

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3. Learn To Get Found

The basic marketing step is your website posts need to be found.

Which implies that you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of internet search engine optimization (SEO) although you do not need to be technically expert.

The companies which hire you also hire search engine optimization specialists.

You need to know about on Search engine optimisation, page keywords, descriptions, titles and linking.

Get in the practice of optimizing the posts on one’s own blog, so that these abilities become habitual.


4. Guest Blog to Gain Visibility

You’ve selected the areas you’d like to blog, and you’re revealing your experience.

Your next thing is to get known.

When somebody is considering hiring you, they will type your name into an internet search engine.

If you have been guest web blogging, your articles will appear.

Additionally, whenever you become known as a guest blogger, then you may be approached by similar companies looking to hire bloggers.


5. Propose: Target, Approach, Get Hired

Everyone’s busy. A company’s marketing manager might consider that web blogging is never a bad idea.

Nevertheless, it is very likely that this idea has been pushed onto the back burner for months, if not years.

As you get acquainted with businesses in your region of expertise, check to see whether they have a blog.

If they do not propose a blog revamp.

Do not expect to get hired instantly.

You’ve planted a seed.

To know how to make money as a blog writer follow-up on the initial contact, and follow-up again.


In summary, you will get hired. You’ve now got five steps to get hired as a blogger.


A Bit Of Caution About Making Money Blogging

Before we get into even more tips I need to simply take one moment to tell everybody that creating money on the web, and with blogging explicitly, isn’t a simple undertaking.


As I referenced in my free tutorial on how to start a blog, I truly attempt to be as genuine as conceivable with people about the consistency needed to prevail in this industry.


There Is No Make Easy Money Way Out

In the next half of this post, I’m going to concentrate on a couple of thoughts that have functioned admirably for me and other people that I know.


It would be ideal if you be set up to buckle down and be quiet as, as most private ventures, at times it takes well over a year prior to you begin making a benefit.


Step By Step Instructions To Make Money When Your Blog Is Fresh Out Of The Box New

What I’d like to do presently is go over certain ways that you can make money online when your blog is extremely new or at young stages.


Is Blogging Work Low Maintenance?

This tip isn’t something many people want to hear in relation to how to make money as a blog writer on the grounds that it appears the vast majority of us are attempting to make money from fast side hustles. In any case, it’s essential to understand what blogging really entails.


When you have an occupation you have specific security. You can pay the bills and put sustenance on the table. That is in excess of many people and it’s great to be somewhat thankful for that. As I referenced, I used to work in an office with the goal that I could return home and blog in the evenings.


What we have to do is make sense of an approach to grow our blogging/online business step-by-step and decline the measure of time we go to normal everyday employment.


We’ll get more into that later however at this stage it’s a smart thought to work until you can get that online pay higher.


Get Independent Writing Work

Independent writing is one of the extraordinary open doors that the web can offer those hoping to get into increasingly online work. Here’s the reason I like it:


  • It Sharpens Your Blogging Aptitudes


Composing as a specialist gets you in contact with editors and web developers that help you to improve as a writer. This will help your long haul blogging profession in a major manner.


  • It Is Adaptable


You can keep in touch with one article for every day and after that chip away at your own stuff, or you can complete 10 articles in a day and simply centre around structured freelancing.


  • It’s Rich


As the net marketing develops you are going to secure independent writing positions jumping at an ever-increasing extent.


Speedy Tips On Making Money From Your Blog


I need to complete this post by giving you some snappy tips that you can consider and actualize when you are simply beginning with your blog.


  • Utilize Adsense


Many people get some information about Adsense. Truly basic: I do utilize it. Creating content and sending people from your site for daily earnings is a good plan of action over time for passive income. You can also take a gander at the following point.


  • Get Them On Your Mailing List First

When you have people’s’ email addresses that is going to draw them to you as an authority based on your contributions. That implies future posts, associate advancements and significantly more. Email promoting is as yet the best type of online business and, the best part is that it is truly steady.


  • If You Don’t Have An Excellent Offering, Start Affiliate Marketing


In the event that your speciality doesn’t enable you to advance or sell premium items (anything over around $100 per unit) at that point consider getting a strong blend of affiliate programs and building it up after some time. I recollect Darren Rowse saying that at first Amazon Associates was a tiny wellspring of salary however throughout the years it has truly begun to grow. Think eBooks, tech, equipment, books, and so forth and you’re beginning to assemble a pay stream.


How To Make Money as a Blog Writer – Here are the Fast Pros and Cons




  • It’s an easy venture.


  • You build up yourself as a specialist.


  • Flexibility! You can chip away at a blog whenever.


  • You can profit in various ways.


  • You can create incredible associations with your gathering of people.


  • You direct people to your site.




  • It’s tedious.


  • Flexibility is a twofold edged sword.


Check out my favourite picks-
  • It can be hard if composing doesn’t fall into place without a hitch.


  • Technical issues can be disappointing.


  • Haters, haters all over the place.


  • It sets aside some effort and time o profit.


On a final note, I truly hope that this not only inspires you but moves you to take action when it comes to how to make money as a blog writer. You can do it if you take action now.

Remember the saying, ‘What is the fastest way to eat an elephant?’…

…One Bite At a Time…


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