Get Paid To Write Articles At Home


If you wish to get paid to write articles at home as a freelance writer then there are several different websites you can use easily.

How it works is, you post your articles to important publications in the hopes they’ll pay you for them.

It is very smart to have different jobs and multiple income streams to pay the bills so it works in your favour.

Important publications have numerous people submitting posts in the hopes that they can earn a living as an independent author.

However, it is not for everyone.

But if you feel like this is something you can do then it doesn’t matter how amazing your writing is, you can find opportunities for different levels.

You may get paid to write articles online for sites and blogs.

Or simple reviews about apps and games.


Get Paid To Write Articles At Home vs. Writing a Book

The largest difference between getting paid to write posts online and making money writing posts for major books is that whenever you write articles online as an independent writer you are really ghostwriting in the majority of cases.

Meaning you’re selling your articles for someone else to publish in their name.

This is very frustrating for some authors and some are not keen to sell their posts for someone else to take credit for.

However, in the beginning, these authors are not likely to make much money writing posts as an online freelance ghostwriter.

If you are actually willing to sell your articles because a ghost writer then you can undoubtedly get paid to write posts from a large number of people who don’t have the ability or the time to compose their own articles for their websites or blogs.


3 Websites To Sign Up

Here are 3 websites you can sign up to get paid to write articles at home:

  1. Hire Writers  (Level: Longer more advanced posts)
  2. Online Writing Jobs  (Level: Numerous short writing opportunities)
  3. 2Captcha  (Level: Very easy data entry style work)

These individuals seek out freelance ghost authors at freelancer websites where ghost authors can submit their example work and the website owner can choose from them.

These websites are easier than sending out emails to hundreds of website owners to get writing jobs.

Except that there are fewer authors than there are website owners and youll have a far better probability of getting work.


Freelance Writers

You can also join popular freelance websites to work as a writer.

Finding freelance sites online is easy, but finding the good freelancer websites online is a little bit more strenuous.

Some freelancer websites charge high fees to join and after that high monthly fees to remain registered on their author list.

You’d need to make a lot of work so as to pay for these fees and make a profit.

Other freelancer websites are free to join, but you’ll have a lot more competition on these websites.

There are several which have little registration fees or monthly fees where your competition is not as vast as the absolutely free sites.

But where one can feel confident that with only a job or two it is possible to pay for the fees and make a profit.

In summary, once you get paid to write articles at home for one customer, you can start to build a reputation because as a good ghost author and you’ll be turning away work that’s being offered to you.

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