Get Paid To Write About Anything

Get Paid To Write About Anything Online With These Easy Steps

The ultimate answer is to start your own blog if you want to get paid to write about anything.

With this method, you have to have a web site to earn money online.

However, that’s among the greatest myths about making money online.

You do not have to own your very own web site to be capable of making money online.

There are plenty of ways that you could earn money on the web, that do not require you owning an internet site.

This is how it is so easy for people who know how.

I’ll share some tips about this today.

Among the simplest and most profitable ways of earning money online that nearly anyone can use to make additional money is by writing content for other websites.

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Where Can You Sign Up?

Get Paid to Write – Yes! And guess what? ! You really might get compensated to write about things you understand and like, things you are good in or know of, things that are simple for you to write about.

This is the kind of content everybody loves to create, right?

The list below are 8 websites which get you paid for writing. Our focus here’s to point out the easiest options:

  1. HireWriter
  2. 2Captcha
  3. Writing Jobs Online
  4. Fiverr
  5. Upwork
  6. FreelanceMyWay
  7. Izea
  8. Steemit

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What To Expect?

Nevertheless, with regards to paid writing websites, not all are created equal. Some websites pay you an upfront fee for the item based on the duration and the topic of your article.

Whereas, others pay you after you complete a short review.

To get the most back for your buck join several different writing websites so that you get more opportunities. and are great platforms to connecting freelancers and clients which offers a series of features that both can benefit from.

Izea is based more on social media and other brands will pay you to syndicate their website links.

Izea is good for writing less content, but you have to send proposals that may be accepted or rejected.

This is because larger business has a very thorough process of accepting people with more social influence at the right price.

Finally, Steemit is an interesting site to join because they pay you rewards in cryptocurrency for your popular articles.

Afterwards, you can exchange or withdraw your rewards and some people have earned thousands of dollars on this site alone.


How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount of cash you make depends upon the popularity of articles, and the amount of traffic and ratings that you receive on each platform.

You can expect to earn anywhere from $1 – $200 per article as you increase your expertise.

In summary, this is a summary of how to get paid to write about anything.


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