How To Sell a Product Online For Free

There are all kinds of products and ways to earn money online when you learn how to sell a product online for free.

You can sell physical products through Amazon, eBay or Shopify.

With these sites you can register for free and you don’t have to worry about any membership fees.

You may only need to pay a small percentage upon a sale, so there isn’t much to worry about.

Similar to how to sell a product online for free:

Personally, I want to talk about information products online, such as books and videos first.

You can sell them through a link to your website.

But I discovered that email is the most effective way.


My Case Study

In fact, go to my site, you cannot buy anything tangible…

You can see the names of our training products, but now you cannot order any products.

The good thing about this is my customers do not have to wait for any delivery or download time. Everything is instant access pretty much.

However, if you register on our email list, you will receive a different content source.

Sometimes it will be fun like a video, sometimes I will tell you about a new marketing product.

It works well because it has direct access to our customers.

This is the next stage of affiliate marketing.

Another advantage of starting your own email ist is that it is scalable.

You can automatically speak with 10 people or 100,000 people with the same efforts.

Better still, you can continue to increase your email and your business list without increasing a lot of costs.


There are two ways to learn how to sell a product online for free:

  1. You can start to open your own e-commerce store
  2. OR you can sell on websites that have the option to do affiliate marketing

Start your own website:

 The biggest advantage of starting your own online e-commerce store is that you will save all the money you would pay on starting a shop on the high street.

Also, you do not have to pay any recurring charges when you’re selling on your own website.

However, if you have a busy schedule or do not have staff for administration and it is difficult for you to manage the store, you can choose websites where you do not need to pay anything for your products.

Read on to the second point.

Selling a hosted e-commerce website:

If you use a website like Shopify or Etsy they host your website for you.

In fact, in today’s competitive e-commerce world, the e-commerce sites help suppliers to sell on their platforms.

However, there are other ways too.

If you want to sell your products for free in the markets, you can choose the free integration services offered by many companies.

One of these services is the extension and use of Fruugo Integration, and you can sell it in the Fruugo market (a UK market with millions of products) at no cost.

Now, by using such extensions, you can not only sell to customers around the world without paying anything, but you can also order your product, your price, your inventory and many other tasks related to the products are managed easily and conveniently.

Lastly, you have the power to see how to sell a product online for free by listing items for sale easily in Facebook groups.

There are millions of people in Facebook groups looking for suggestions and items to buy – from cat beds to marketing training and everything in-between.


Best Ways to Sell Product Online:

Now you know to know the ways to sell in more detail.

If you are looking for a way to earn income from your home, think about selling products online in an easy way first.

Whether you sell from time to time, for example, when you clean your closet, or if you have a craft at home or another product to sell, online sales are convenient and very possible.

Learn to sell your products in established markets, such as eBay or Etsy, or create your own website with a store.

Find effective ways to promote your product and set up a payment gateway account such as PayPal or Stripe.

The basic steps you need to follow are listed below for different options.

For Selling on eBay:

  1. Choose a product to sell
  2. Set up a seller account
  3. List your item
  4. Choose the pricing
  5. Promote your items
  6. Manage your listing
  7. Complete the sale
  8. Package and ship items
  9. Obtain reviews


For Selling on Etsy:

  1. Sell handmade goods, vintage items or craft supplies
  2. Join and set up shop on Etsy
  3. Add listings

  4. Pay seller fees

  5. Get paid

  6. Market your shop

  7. Building Your Storefront


For creating a website to sell your products:

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Choose hosted shopping cart software if you are not confident with technology
  3. Choose self-hosted open source shopping cart software if you can manage the hosting, security and coding yourself
  4. Choose a web host if you are using a self-hosted open source shopping cart software
  5. Choose a template for your website.
  6. Choose advanced tools to expand your website
  7. Organize your website
  8. Develop content
  9. Obtain a merchant account 
  10. Direct traffic to your site

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Top Sites To Sell Product Online:

To round off, here is a short and snappy summary of sites you can easily register on to know how to sell a product online for free:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Etsy
  4. Wish
  5. Bonanza
  6. Newegg
  7. Wayfair
  8. Go Antiques
  9. Shopify
  10. Facebook Groups
  11. Reddit Threads
  12. Instagram
  13. Pinterest


Faithful in your success! 


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