Check Deposit App For Prepaid Cards

Here is the latest information about using check deposit app for prepaid cards.


People face challenges every time they wish to load their cards with money overseas.

And that is made worse if the money to be loaded is in the shape of a check.

The applications that support mobile check cashing can be obtained from Google play store.

Check deposit app for prepaid cards are widely available.

At the moment, virtually all banks have applications that their clients may use to cash their checks without visiting the banks.

Fortunately, if your bank doesn’t have an application yet, you still have a possibility to try out any one of the following check deposit app for prepaid cards and conveniently cash your check online.


What’s a Check Deposit App For Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid card loading pertains to the process of adding cash to your prepaid cards to take with you when you go out shopping or travel abroad.

The prepaid cards are the plastic options to carry your money around and many people call them everyday cards.

Unlike the credit cards, when utilizing the prepaid cards you’re spending your own money instead of borrowing what you may not have.

After the money on your card is exhausted, you top it up again and this called prepaid card loading.

If you’re in a rush, below are the 5 picks for check deposit app for prepaid cards:

  1. Revolut
  2. Lodefast
  3. Ingo Money
  4. Check Cashing Store
  5. Waleteros


1) Revolut – Digital Banking and international money application


Revolut is the app I personally have on my phone to use when I travel to different countries. I recommend them because they make it easier to load money onto your card at home and then use it in almost any country around the world without having to worry about high currency conversion charges.

Plus you can use their prepaid card instantly – when you sign up for the Revolut card they send you the details so you can make online purchases. Shortly after that, your plastic card arrives in the post (no charge).

Plus, you can choose to round-up every payment and save your spare change so I like that too.


2) Lodefast check cashing mobile application

The Lodefast mobile application allows you to cash your check utilizing your phone from any location across the world.

Exactly like every other online check cashing applications, there’s a check processing fee, which you’re required to inquire from their client team before you make use of their services.


3) Ingo Money – The Ingo money application

Ingo Money is the most famous mobile application with choices for small business as well as consumers.

The application has options of depositing cash onto your prepaid card by MasterCard, Visa or American Express. I

In addition, you can cash your checks in your Amazon or PayPal account.

The Ingo mobile application guarantees your money within 10 days for free, although if you want to fasten the processing, there’s an option for a fee.


4) Check Cashing Store App

By applying the Check Cashing Store mobile application you can cash your checks directly to your preferred bank.

All you’re expected to do is to take a picture of your check and uploading it to the check cashing store application.

Afterwards, you’ll be notified whether your check has been approved.


5) Waleteros application

Lastly, the Waleteros application gives you an opportunity to cash your checks to a prepaid Visa, which you may use to pay your bills.

An issue worth noting here is that with Waleteros (just like every other check cashing applications) you’re expected to sign up first, after which you receive a virtual card.



Consequently, it’s down to you to choose the option you prefer most.

By using a check deposit app for prepaid cards everything has been made easier, you can now load your pre-paid cards utilizing the check deposit applications from any location across the world.

What you should do is to install any one of the above applications in your tablet or smartphone to enjoy the check deposit services.


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