The Best Stock Market Apps

Stock Market Apps

Are you looking for the perfect best stock market apps to start making money from trading?

Cell phone applications are being used for virtually everything.

From text messaging, Facebook chat, e-mails, to assessing the weather, the stock market, gasoline prices, and much, much more.

Think about it, popular games such as FarmVille and World of Warcraft also utilize app software.

It is easy to get glued to your phone, so why not use it to earn money too?

Smartphone software became the rage since more sophisticated connectivity and capacities evolved.

Almost 50% of America uses mobile phones daily, according to The Huffington Post.

And 79% of smartphone users have their phone in their hand within fifteen minutes of getting out of bed.

This percentage increases to 89% among those between ages 18 to 24.

In summary, there’s now a greater need for mobile phone apps that can contribute towards 2 things: Fun and money.

Here is an overview for beginners who are thinking of getting the best stock market apps.


The Best Stock Market Apps

It seems nowadays the stock market investor has a lot more disadvantages than before to be overcome to guarantee success.

That’s why you must have a stock exchange trading program.

It is usually difficult to know where to begin when deciding on the right app for you.

Here are 7 of the best stock market apps:

  1. Ticker
  2. Stock Market Tracker
  4. Yahoo Finance
  5. My Stocks Portfolio & Widget
  6. Stock Trainer
  7. Learn


Each of the apps above is free to download and begin, although they may contain ads or in-app purchases.

Everyone differs and therefore are their investment goals, financial scenarios and risk tolerance.

The first thing you’ll have to do is determine what kind of investor you’re.

So what sort of investors need the best stock market apps?


Here Are 4 Stock Market Profiles

The passive investor may only be intrigued in low-risk low return investments which have little need for every day monitoring but possess a predictable rate of recurrence.

Whereas, the active investor, who’s making longer term, will take more dangerous trading decisions with individual stocks.

Or possibly a swing trader who just stays in positions for a brief period of time.

Your response to these two examples will greatly affect what type of stock market trading program will fit your circumstances.


Why Do You Need Stock Market Apps?

A fantastic trading program acts as a financial road map to guide your choices.

You must use this road map through trading hours so your feelings, panic or perhaps even greed don’t get the better of your trading choices.

Consistent results need you to make consistent choices based on your stock market trading program rather than your emotions.

Also, it is a good learning ground for beginners to learn the trading ropes.


What Should You Look For?

You should always be clear on rules by which you’ll be trading by.

Such as:

    1. When you’ll enter and exit trades
    2. What percentage of your money you’re willing to commit to one trade.

You should also determine what type stocks you’ll be trading, such as, big cap, cent stocks and maybe even stock options.

Whatever you decide on your plan make sure to put them in your trading journal or tape them to your desk in plain sight in order that you’ll remember to follow them.

There’s no wrong or right way to devise a stock exchange trading plan.

The biggest mistake beginners make is that, although they make a plan they’re unable to follow it.



There is no point downloading the best stock market apps if you’re not going to use it.

Therefore if you’re a beginning trader and maybe even a trader with a few years experience under your belt, spend some time to take a seat and draw a financial road map which will govern your trading.

In conclusion, remember, over ninety percent of traders lose money in the stock exchange.

By making a stock exchange trading plan and use the best stock market apps you’ll go a considerable way towards getting yourself in that ten percent who are making money.

While this is definitely not an in-depth article on making stock trading calculations, there are many fantastic books on this topic available from Amazon.


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