Best High End Credit Cards

If you’re a boss it is worthwhile to research best high end credit cards.

Basically, they give credit cards out to pretty much anybody.

But you may not even be knowledgeable as to the special stratosphere for high rollers and big spenders.


Why Get the Best High End Credit Cards?

These cards frequently have words like black, platinum, and private in their names.

It shows wealth, success and it is a symbol of affluence to high-rollers.

It shows that money is your natural companion.

Plus, they offer the kind of perks and special benefits that some regular mortals cannot even dream about.

But unlike your common credit card, these prestigious credit cards aren’t heavily advertised.


Is there a Fee For the Best High End Credit Cards?

Yes, there is a cost.

Typically for the cost of a high annual fee, card members get remarkable perks, ridiculously high credit limits and special treatments wherever they shop.


3 Best High End Credit Cards


1) Harrods American Express Card


Thanks to a collaboration between American express and Harrods, a brand new Charge Card has been born, the Brown American Express Harrods card.


What do you get?

There are tangible benefits, like the opportunity to redeem points for distinctive experiences, to get a free night in the Ritz Paris for 40,000 points.

Which suggests you need to spend 30,000 to 40,000 to get it.

In addition, specially trained marketing individuals will analyze your spending and offer you tailor-made experiences especially for you only.

Like if you’re a big Loro Piana Buyer then they might offer you the opportunity to meet the Loro Piana Brothers, or visit the factory.

Lastly there is the opportunity to get discount rates of Harrods exclusive services, like their Aviation service at ten percent discount, or Harrods Concierge free at all times.


How do you get it?

To qualify for the Harrods Amex card, people need to set aside a mere sum of 150 and make an application. Learn more on the Harrods website.


2) NatWest Black Card


So apart from having a different coloured card in the portfolio, what does the NatWest black card offer?


What do you get?

The opportunity to earn more Air Miles, worldwide access to executive airport lounges, and a 24 hour personal assistance service, to help busy wealthy people organise their lives.

I like the sound of this one…

The card also has a 56-day interest-free period and charges an APR of 14.9 percent at the time of writing this.

Both are pretty standard when compared to typical high street credit cards.

Nevertheless, the minimum credit limit is 15,000.


How do you get it?

To qualify for the NatWest Black card, people need a minimum salary of 15,000.

The annual fee is set at 240. Learn more from NatWest.



3) Barclays Infinite Card

This is one of the best high end credit cards from Barclays bank.


What do you get?

Premium perks entail access to 500 airport lounges, comprehensive global travel insurance, a 10,000+ credit limit, 24/7 lifestyle management services offering reservations at fine dining restaurants and exclusive tickets to already sold out events and invitations to the Olympics.

Sounds like great perks to me…


How do you get it?

Maintaining a balance of 50,000 or more in cash or investments with Barclays can be a mandate.

But if the annual fee is only set at 150, why blink an eyelid.

Learn more from Barclays (this is a PDF download).


Faithful in your success! 


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