14 Apps That Make Money While You Sleep!

14 of the best apps to make money fast, yes even when you’re sleeping

People always ask me about the best apps to make money fast, so in today’s article I have rounded up 14 money making apps that work while you are sleeping.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, there is no extra cost to you

It’s always good to have passive income flowing in, so I believe you will find this valuable.

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Read on…

1) Panel App

Panel App allows high-tech users from all walks of life to earn money and help improve online services that love and use millions of people every day.

The Panel app finds significant trends by observing our data in the background with online services and applications.

Additionally, when you install the app you can participate in surveys to share your interests, influence the technology you use and make money with your data.

It is pretty easy to navigate and this makes it one of the best apps to make money fast.

Note: Although, apps will not make you thousands of dollars overnight.

Rather it is additional cash to treat your loved ones and add to your weekly income.

2) Acorn Hunt

Introducing Acorn Hunt, a new application that gives you fun and easy ways to earn extra money with your Android phone.

They state that the high-end jobs pay out as much as $25 so it makes the list of best apps to make money fast.

A few people have said it was not worth their time, however overall it does have a very high rating.

You can earn money when you share your thoughts on a new product, try a mobile game, store a product in a store or participate in a lottery.

If you are interested in making your money, ideas and comments easy, Acorn Hunt is the perfect application for you.

Renew money opportunities every day in the 1,000 best cities.

How does it work?

1) Download the application
2) Find the tasks that interest you
3) Complete tasks to earn acorns
4) Remove acorns for money to any PayPal account

3) Ebates App

Try Ebates to get the best compensation: get MONEY to do your online shopping,  free gifts and trial services.

New cashback offers are updated daily so that you never run out of opportunities to earn money.

There are no complex missions and we all shop online nowadays, so why not get paid for it?

Ebates is free to sign up and it’s a reputable app and website to use.

You can earn money from around the world and can devote the minimum time you want (not currently available in Europe).

Ebates pays better and faster than other reward applications!

You can redeem your earnings in real cash.

1) Complete tasks to accumulate credit reward
2) Get your credits for cash through PayPal (More options soon)
3) It is paid in 2-3 working days

4) Paribus

Paribus is a great option to get paid for your shopping almost on autopilot.

They basically pay you back if the price drops on an item you have purchased previously.

It’s that easy.

How Paribus works:

1) Allow Paribus to control your inbox for receipts
2) Online shopping as usual
3) Track the Paribus for purchases so you do not need
4) Algorithms look for opportunities to recover money for you
5) Paribus streamline the claims process to make it easier to get your money back

Simply download the application, register for a free account and let your Paribus control your inbox for online shopping receipts.

If you shop often it is going to be one of the best apps to make money fast for you.

Look carefully Look like Paribus to put money back in your wallet.

• Paribus is free. Without fees.

• Find out in less than a minute. Connect your email account and Amazon and you like to go.

• Sit and relax. Paribus will let you know when you have a win!

5) Perk TV

Perk TV is a free mobile loyalty club is an application that pays more than $ 2 million in cash and prizes.

You can earn Perk Points for watching videos and trailers!

– Simple video based
– Leave it running as you go about your day
– Share the site with friends and family to earn more points

– Earn gift cards fromfavouritee brands like Amazon, Starbucks and Walmart!
– Enter the sweepstakes to win prizes such as Xbox One, PS4 or more.

6) Stash App

Stash is an investment and personal finance application that helps you save money and invest in selected individual stocks and funds (ETFs), starting with just $5.

It’s a new way of banking!

They offer a debit account with an approximate balance, monthly, minimum balance or overdraft.

STASH for your life with:

-Personal investment accounts
-Retirement accounts with traditional wheels and IRA accounts
-Invest conservation accounts for and with your children

All STASH subscriptions include:

  • Coach: Savings and advice on personal investments.
  • Learning: Financial education, guidance and news about the investment of the owners.
  • Auto-Stash – Save and invest automatically and I think this is the best part.

7) Clink App

Clink is a great app to start focusing on your savings with as little as a dollar a day.

And it definitely builds up.

Clink is an investment application available as a free download in the Google Play Store.

It works by adding to your savings every time you leave the house.

IT basically puts a small percentage of your spending into savings.

“Clink essentially takes money from your bank account and invests it in a diversified ETF portfolio”.

Here, money can grow without you having to worry or do magic with it.

In summary, this is an easy to use application that I find valuable.

8) ShopTracker App

ShopTracker is a great one to keep on your phone.

It gives free rewards for tracking your Amazon purchases.

Your goal is to understand the Internet market and do it by collecting your purchase data.

This information is then used to help improve the products and services of the companies you use on a daily basis.

As a participant, you are helping businesses make online shopping a much better experience for all of us.

ShopTracker’s motive is to pay you to track your Amazon purchasing history because they use the data they collect as market research.

9) WiseBanyan App

WiseBanyan lets you invest for free from as little as $1.

Money made stress-free and you can do EXACTLY as you please.

The investment process is usually complex. But it does not have to be.

Consider your options and verify WiseBanyan, your one-stop shop for free investments.

How it works:

• Invest for everyone, from seasonal investors first to students.
• Investing in your hate is free of adverse impact: no credit check, minimum, or commissions.
• Establish and eliminate any million dollars when you retire to a new wardrobe.
• Total financial management: WiseBanyan will guide you through the process of completing your dreams.
• Your personalized investment proposals are based on your desire for risk and your unique financial situation.
• Offer accounts: traditional IRA, IRA wheel, personal investment account,

10) Frequent Flyer Rewards App

With the Frequent Flyer Rewards app you can earn points and redeem for airline prizes and raffle tickets.

Earn points by doing your daily tasks, doing surveys, connecting your social networks and redirecting friends to the app.

They also reward for measuring device data, including applications and location, for analysis and reporting purposes.

Site data is combined with data collected from hundreds of thousands of panels to provide valuable information to third parties.

There are no in-app purchases and you can opt-out in at any time when you uninstall the application.

11) Nielsen Mobile App

The Nielsen Mobile App gives you the opportunity to be part of the research they are doing.

This app helps to understand how consumers use the Internet by studying the websites that people visit.

By installing the technology on your tablet or on your smartphone, you are helping to shape the future of the online world and you may be entitled to rewards.

Nielsen monitors the types of applications you use, the content you see and hear, the websites you visit and the time you have visited.

Some people may not like the sound of this, and the ratings are lower for this app.

The application collects and transmits personal and confidential user data, such as demographic information, for research purposes. They do not collect user IDs or passwords.

12) CoinOut App

Use  CoinOut to get cashback for your shopping receipts.

You do not have to find specific deals or take the time to find out if a retailer is in the registry.

However, the receipts must be uploaded within 2 weeks after the original purchase and the date, the name of the store, the items purchased, the size of the invoice and legible.

The software automatically cancels non-readable or non-readable transactions.

How it works:

– Financial information is not required
– Customer charges in full
– Exclusive posts for promotions
-UNIVERSAL receipt access

13) SlideJoy App

SlideJoy will give prizes for using their lockscreen where they show you trending news.

I find this app interesting because it is quite passive; you just use your phone as normal and the payments come in.

On the screen of your phone, they will show you the latest news about trends and interesting personalized announcements.

There is no need to do anything else.

You get rewarded with carats that you can cash out using PayPal or incredible gift cards.

The carats build up slowly, but then free money is free money so it still makes the list of the best apps to make money fast! 

You may as well use your lockscreen to add to your money mindset, right?

How does it work?

– When you register on SlideJoy, every time you release your phone, you will receive a card with news or promotions on your green screen.

14) MobileXpression Panel

Lastly, one of the apps I tested on my phone is MobileXpression Panel.

What I like about this money making app is it is completely passive.

You can earn by doing nothing at all.

How it works is they analyse and tack the data on your phone, for example, how you use apps and internet data.

Many of the largest companies in the world such as Facebook and Google earn by storing your data.

Check out my favourite picks-

So why not get paid for your data yourself?

They keep everything secure over a private VPN and this is one of the various apps that pay you for your data.

In regards to the payments, you build up credits and then they pay you with reward cards for Starbucks, Amazon and more.

Not a bad way to treat the family without doing any hard work, right?

In summary, this is why MobileXpression made the list of the best apps to make money fast.

Final Verdict

After I dug deeper into the best apps to make money fast I can see that there are hundreds of apps that help you to earn additional cash and rewards – way more than 14!

I have to pay homage to all of the incredible app developers who really work hard to bring extra money into our lives.

They give hope and keep the dream alive.

In closing, I hope this helps you on your journey to step up your money game and make it fun at the same time.

For sure, starting an online business and building affiliate marketing into it is going to pay you the high commissions.

Yet, now it’s over to you to try them out depending on what’s available in your country.

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