Best Real Estate Lead Generation System

Setting Up the Best Real Estate Lead Generation System

Here are tips and tools on how to find the best real estate lead generation system in the shortest time.

Growing a new real estate business, or re-launching an older one successfully, is determined by having a strong and operational lead generation system.

The first thing that you need to look for is the ability to automate the entire process.

This is the key to advertising success.

Additionally, there are several other elements of a good lead generation system.

We’ll begin by looking at how to get new clients.


Traditional lead generation idea for real estate:


1. Buying Home Service Leads

To begin with, new realtors often buy a list of prospects from a lead generation service.

Get Service Leads is a good website to look into if you would like to do this too.

However, cold calling home service leads is not sufficient to get the interest of a potential client.

You have to also lead each potential through a process whereby you provide the info and the persuasion required to make them commit to a buy or an appointment.

When this task is achieved, the next thing would be to deliver on your promises and follow-up with additional information or persuasion required to acquire a commitment to purchase from the potential.

This is the mistake that people often make in the real estate business: No follow-up or assuming the prospect has no budget to buy a house.

To overcome this, the best real estate lead generation system I suggest is setting up an automated CRM to send out your follow-ups.


2. Mortgage Refinance Leads

Mortgage refinance leads are another great way to start filling your pipeline.

You can use an online site like Brokers Match to continuously sully you with new leads.

Getting the eye of a potential customer is a relatively simple part of the lead generation system.


Alternatively, you may wish to use the latest apps for generating real estate leads: 


1. Badger

Badger is great for sales agents who are out in the field. It helps to map out all of your accounts so you can easily plan your route. Plus it integrates with popular CRM systems.


2. BoomTown

BoomTown is a powerful option and they have generated over 23,940,000 leads.

What I like about it is they help you constantly fill your pipeline with new leads and convert them using their platform.


I recommend comparing these two options to see how you can speed up your lead generation and sales process.


Putting Leads Into a System

However, assessing the potential from lead to a customer is among the toughest part of the system.

However, as I mentioned before the most often overlooked element is the follow-up.

This is what seals the deal loses the sale.

  • I highly recommend using Infusionsoft to record your prospect data and set up follow-up tasks to get more sales.

By using the best real estate lead generation system it will help you to earn more profits in your business.

Generating prospects today most often entails a blend of tactics to get the eye of your marketplace and offer enough info and encouragement to make them talk in person.

The key components of the best real estate lead generation system are:

  • Securely store client details
  • Set-up reminders and follow-up tasks
  • Sending newsletters and email broadcasts online b
  • Testing and tracking
  • Article promotion
  • Lead capture
  • Connecting with PPC advertising
  • Embed online video marketing
  • Monitoring sales and customer flow

You probably tried industry management software in the past, but the problem is it does not easily connect to a marketing system.

So always look out for that as it will allow you to integrate marketing strategies to generate leads for your company.

However, if you’ve not at least considered each one of the items listed, you might be missing opportunities and make it too easy for prospects clients to select your competitors when it comes to buying and selling.



You see, creating leads for your company is a bit like fishing.

Just as you probably wouldn’t go out to fish in a competition with only a single fly stuck in your hat, prospecting for business prospects also shouldn’t rely on a single means of attracting new clients.

The most successful real estate businesses now combine real estate and online technology.

In conclusion, I hope this helps you to get clear on choosing the best real estate lead generation system.


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