Instant Local Leads System – Get Local Leads, And Sell Them To Local Businesses – Instant Local Leads System

Instant Local Leads – Get Local Leads, And Sell Them To Local Businesses For A Major Profit – Business Owners Are Paying $50 Per Call From This “Little Known” Lead Source That Only Costs You $0.30

A complete hand-holding guide on how to get local leads, and sell them to local businesses for a major profit! Includes an e-book, video, and done for you template items!

These are customers for almost any profitable niche you can think of!

From chiropractors, contractors, real estate agents, and law offices, to medical offices and more.

Most of these companies don’t know how to run their own lead capture campaigns, and have to pay top dollar to consultants and lead chop-shops.

I spent the next 6 months perfecting the method on not only how to buy customer leads from this website, but perfecting all the sales letters that would sell it to clients….

I Call This Guide: The Instant Local Leads System

The Instant Local Leads system is the only lead generation case study and fool-proof plan that walks you through the entire process of finding and selling customer leads to local businesses!

Here Are Some Of The Things You’ll Discover In The Instant Local Leads System:

 NEVER Pay For Leads Out-Of-Pocket! – With this method, you’ll never get burned by paying for leads upfront. These tactics reveal how to get the business owner to pay your high lead fees….GUARANTEED!

 The One Common Lead Source You Must AVOID! – Want to avoid getting sued by clients for negligence? This lead source is the MOST used lead source, YET it is the worst leads and will have you walking away from clients out of embarrassment when they don’t work out.

 The “Ninja Table Pricing Strategy” – Want to sell your leads MULTIPLE times, and for twice as much as the going market rate? Use this strategy, and you can name your OWN price as a consultant!

How To Only Generate Customers In A Specific Area! – Want to target customers in a specific niche and zip code? On Pages 10-12, you’ll discover how to target leads from any location. These hyper-targeted customer leads are a goldmine for business owners, who will pay you top dollar for them!

 Steps You Need To Run This Business On Autopilot In Just 20 Minutes A Day! – With the business automation secrets you’ll discover on Page 27, you’ll be generation and selling customer leads on autopilot!

Here Are The Steps To Get Checks Using This System:

Step #1: Send Out My NLP Stealth E-mails – Send out my proven outreach email templates I reveal to you in the guide to business owners…

Step #2: ONLY Work With Biz Owners Who Are Ready To Pay You – This no pressure closing tactic works even if you’ve never done sales before. Collect their payment via PayPal, and they are now your client!

Step #3: Get Leads From The Secret Source I Reveal & Send Them To Your Client – Simply buy the leads with a small fraction of the payment the client gave you…

Step #4: Go On Vacation While The Business Runs Itself On Autopilot! – All you need is an e-mail account to manage this business from your home or even on the beach!

The Whole System Is Only $27!!!!!!

Instant Local Leads System –

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