What Is Lead Generation?

What Is Lead Generation? 3 Quick Questions Answered!

What is lead generation?” is a frequently asked question by new multi-level marketers, internet marketers and also some small business owners.

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Think about it…

It would be wonderful to wake up on Monday morning and have fifteen times more leads than you had on Friday.

Through the process of lead generation, this dreamy scenario can be a reality.

After learning the ins and outs of what is lead generation, you can find the right systems, software and processes that work for you.


How does lead generation work?

The internet community is essentially a massive network where people exchange goods and services.

So lead generation is the process of acquiring more people and prospects to fill up your pipeline.

Additionally, the recruitment filed is a great example of lead generation.

Everyday recruiters prospect and headhunt thousands of people for employment positions.

You can also perform networking to get work or jobs for yourself.

These type of businesses and people possess the skills to maximise your business.

When you learn what is lead generation you can increase your sales and get a lot more exposure for your personal brand.

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How to perform lead generation

Each person has their unique abilities and talents.

It just so happens that some people are skilled in producing sales leads.

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For us, there are leads coming in every day in my sleep.

When I started years ago, it used to be so hard to get 1 new lead a day!

It’s funny how my lifestyle changed and now we get hundreds daily.

Additionally, there are lead generation companies that help their clients establish an online presence.

Although I don’t sell leads myself,  there are methods I teach so you can create a site and market your service or item.

Internet surfers who are interested in your goods or services will be required to offer contact information.

Each of them is a  lead and then they become a customer.

Establishing an online presence will dramatically increase you and your business the exposure of and so the potential for expansion.

Your client base could grow exponentially by setting up automated systems that bring in leads automatically.

We can all agree that the objective of any business is to succeed financially.

Growth will be assuredly promoted by establishing an online presence and constantly filling your pipeline.


Will it work for my business?

Seeking the assistance of a lead generation expert that finds customers for any business can really help you grow.

For example, home-based business owners, real estate brokers, insurance agents, and e-commerce stores all can reap the benefits of lead generation.

If you ask some small business owners, “What is lead generation? ” they might say it saved their business and kept it alive.

Everyone has different talents like it was mentioned before.

So you have to focus on your key area of specialism and use your time wisely.

If you a dentist with a private practice, you aren’t expected to be the marketer or accountant and you most certainly won’t have the required time.

Hiring someone skilled can only be a positive for your business and your lifestyle.


What does it cost?

In the grand scheme of things, employing the services of a leads expert or freelancer is relatively inexpensive.

There are different costs for different industries and marketing platforms.

For example, are you ideal clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google search?

In effect. you have to match your lead generation strategy to where your clients are already hanging out. 

It doesn’t matter if you “like” that online platform or not.

Moreover, lead generators are generally financially compensated per lead, so you are not paying massive overhead.

The price of any lead ranges from as low as $0.40 to over $200.

On the upper end, industries such as insurance and mortgage finance are willing to pay big bucks per lead.

Well, it makes sense because they offer lifetime products that are a greater investment per sale.

In summary, based on your line of work, you can potentially make a great amount of income if you get into the lead generation business yourself.



In conclusion, think of lead generation as an efficient way to pay for advertising.

Instead of spending thousands on traditional marketing campaigns like billboards, TV or radio employ the services of a lead generator.

Experts that know what is lead generation will use methods that go right to the customer and consequently generate promising leads.

Producing leads is one strain that isn’t necessary if you employ the right help or system.

You then acquire each lead and start building the relationship by phone, text, email and social media.

I recommend using Aweber for lead generation and email marketing success.


Faithful in your success! 

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