Review of Renegade Lead Generation: 101 Unusual Ways To Find More Real Estate Clients

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If you’re into Real Estate field and upgraded this business to online, then take time to read this book. The traditional way of getting clients via scanning a book file of phone numbers and cold calling each one of them or knocking on door-to-door to promote your services are ancient!

In the modern days where internet rules almost 90% of transactions of all businesses is the new trend. Businessmen are converting their business online for easier access to clients or just random people who happen to search the internet. But this doesn’t mean once you put your business online that you can just sit and relax and wait for the money to rain, NO! You need to work hard and think of strategy on how to take advantage of the modern business way. Finding leads is the best way by far to promote and earn clients and thanks to the internet you don’t need to go knocking on doors to talk your way.

This book Renegade Lead Generation will help people that are in Real Estate business on how to generate leads in so many ways. The lead generation strategies have been compiled and tested over the past fifteen years in a variety of markets in the US and Canada by some of the best real estate agents and real estate teams in the world.

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