How To Make Your Blog Profitable

How To Make Your Blog Profitable – 4 Tips for Creating Awesome Content

Quite often when newbies ask, ‘How to make your blog profitable?’ they just dive right in and begin posting articles without giving much thought to planning their blogs.

Although it is excellent to take action, oftentimes you can end up running out of ideas and feeling a little bit lost if you don’t plan it first.

The first step is to think about the direction you’re taking your blog.

Therefore, it’s great to have a strategy in place so that you understand each step about how to make your blog profitable.

Here are four tips to help you build a blog worth your investment:


Tip #1: Create a blogging schedule

Decide how often you’re going to blog and on which days you want to post your articles.

Then brainstorm a list of topics which you want to cover on your blog.

You can use a diary, Google calendar or outlook calendar.

Fill in the topics of your posts for the next six months.

You might want to keep all posts in 1 month within a specific theme or build a string of posts that cover various parts of a larger topic.

I follow the method of building categories with valuable information on various topics.

Research what your target readership is asking about and build a list of posts which answer those questions.

So how do you easily find out what people want to know?

You can find out what they are seeking on forums, Quora or by checking Yahoo answers for questions on your niche.

Simply go onto a forum or similar site and search for your main topic or keyword.

Once you have planned out your blogging schedule you can begin writing.

You can build up a stockpile of posts in WordPress to auto post on the dates/days you want them to go out on.

By getting your articles together in advance, you will never feel under stress or rushed when writing your posts. And for that reason, the quality of your articles is going to be better. This always works the best for me.

Tip #2: Post awesome content

There are millions of blogs out there on just about every topic you can imagine.

So with all this competition how do you make certain that you build a readership to your blog?

Quite simply by posting awesome content.

Make it clear in your mind that you’re there to help your audience and focus on giving them exactly what they want.

Post really useful premium quality content that gives them value or helps them achieve their goals and you will build a strong following.

Also, people like to get to know you so don’t be scared of putting a bit of your personality into your posts.

That is going to make your posts more interesting and more enjoyable to read.

Write your posts as if you were speaking to a friend.

Even newbies can find a way to create awesome digital content! 

How To Make Your Blog Profitable calia ruth


Hint #3: Focus on one topic at a time

Make each post focus on just one topic or keyword and stick to the point.

Nowadays readers don’t want to waste time on irrelevant content and will soon get bored and look elsewhere if you drift on or hop between topics.

This is why it’s so great to have a blogging website that helps you deliver your articles in an organized manner.

As a result,  your website will help keep your readers coming back to see what’s next.

Over time this will help you to make money online and sell from anywhere in the world.

Find your domain and create your site at!

Hint #4: Post frequently

One of the most overlooked areas in blogging is posting frequently.

The top blogging websites that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors post content as much as 4 – 6 times each day every single day.

On the other hand, the fastest way to kill a blog is to stop posting for any quantity of time.

People who sign up to your RSS feed or who visit your blog regularly will come to expect new content.

For example, if you post 2-3 times per week, then they will probably return 2-3 times a week.

This helps you in two ways – 1. Google loves fresh content so that it is going to help you build your rank in the search engines.

And 2 you are building the relationship with your readers and community online.



In summary, the four main steps about how to make your blog profitable are to create a schedule, focus on one topic at a time, post awesome content and post as often as you can.

As a result of that the more often people come back to your blog, you increase the number of times they are exposed to your advertising and affiliate links.

In conclusion, you can be sure that this results in more commissions for you on autopilot.

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