Where To Promote ClickBank Products Free

New Affiliate Marketers: Where To Promote ClickBank Products Free

In this article, I share 6 ideas on where to promote ClickBank products free.

Many people will say that you need to have your own website to promote click bank products.

This is true, having a website is a starting point for affiliate marketing.

However, the website is the slowest method, but the long-term business is worth it.

There will also be some running costs and marketing costs that you need to pay.

Don’t worry though, you can make money from promoting ClickBank products without investment in the beginning, but the chances of you selling your products will be smaller.

Here is an overview of where to promote ClickBank products free for you:

is little chance of selling your products.

1. Social Media Marketing to Sell Products (FREE)

It’s a very easy way to promote ClickBank products on social sites.

Social networks are the biggest platform to promote different kinds of affiliate products online.

Firstly, start a fan page on Facebook and then get the right target audience.

Later add promotional products. You can start a group on Facebook for free and then build your audience.

Equally, you can also do the same with Twitter. 

Start a brand account and promote your products on Twitter through Twitter marketing.

If you want to go a step further, there are great auto-scheduling tools to help you plan your promotional calendar for Pinterest.

Recommendation: If you want to save money on advertising and get around 100,000 monthly viewers from Pinterest, make sure you use an automated tool like Tailwind.

As a result, you can open a brand new account on all social media platforms.

But I would say to stick to one at a time and dominate that niche.

Use your brand. Brand account means your brand name.

In summary, you do not need a brand website, you can go directly onto social media sites.

It is a free method, it takes time but it works.

2. Email Affiliate Marketing (Email Marketing)

This is the most powerful affiliate marketing method that is growing today.

You can sell your products directly to the email list that you build up.

There is hard work here to get a target audience here but you can learn how to do it.

You need to acquire the email addresses of the audience that is interested in your niche topic.

But you know, there’s nothing possible without hard work.

So keep working and after setting up your email campaigns, use an email service provider that offers free email marketing for the first month.

You can go to MailChimp for free, but there are few restrictions.

Instead, I recommend that you try the cheapest Aweber email package at just $ 19/month.

Create an attractive and useful email campaign and send it to all viewers weekly.

In one click, you can sell your products to thousands of people any time, even from the beach.

This is the best method to sell affiliate products without a website.

Try to keep a 100% positive mindset and you will see the results grow.

To go a step further here, create a landing page for your products and then pass it to your audience instead of the direct affiliate link.

Firstly, send your audience firstly to the landing page that connects to your email list.

It’s better than direct sales.

Aweber has the function of creating a landing page (or sign-up form) without having a website and I use this one also.

3. Facebook Page Marketing

I will go into further details with Facebook marketing because it is a key area for learning where to promote ClickBank products free.

The marketing of the Facebook page is similar to marketing in social networks, as explained above.

But this is a payment method, but a very cheap method.

You can promote the content of Facebook fan pages for only $1 to start.

In the USA, it is very cheap only a few dollars to boost your Facebook post.

Begin by, creating a Facebook campaign for your product and promote it. 

Ideally, you want to promote/boost a short video with a long description – something entertaining, informational or shocking.

In the same way, send your visitors to a landing page at the bottom of your post, do not include an affiliate link.

If you do not want to receive an email provider to create a landing page, you can send the traffic directly to a Google Doc with a link and simple design.

But the landing page is my recommended method.

4. WhatsApp Content Marketing

Some people like to use WhatsApp for where to promote ClickBank products free.

On the Internet, you can participate in unlimited WhatsApp groups online.

Enter as many groups as possible and then promote your product.

WhatsApp is the largest shared platform today.

If your product has interesting content, you can do it virally on WhatsApp.

It is more effective for events or limited time offers that give people FOMO (fear of missing out).

WhatsApp is great to get more shares and make your material or product viral.

This is a free mode and it works immediately, although some people in the groups could get annoyed with your messages.

You do not have to wait to set up a website or email campaign. Try it, it’s free!

5. Direct Advertising (From $5)

Direct advertising means selling your products on other websites.

You only have to register on BuySellAds or Adclerk and buy the space of the ad online.

Prices start at $ 5 at Adclerk.

It works by placing a banner ad on another person’s website who is already receiving visitors.

You only need to choose a website with the right traffic for it to take off.

You can find ads that are targeted by location.

Buy an advertising space and promote your products, but it does require some testing.

6. Guest Posting (Review Post)

Finding blogs where you can guest post is another suggestion for where to promote ClickBank products free.

 If you have a product and find a site that provides the guest publication, or comments, add the content and link your affiliate product.

This is not my favourite method, but it does work for many people around the world. 

You can get traffic from that website if people see your review/comment and click on the link to your product and purchase. 

For example, if you submit your article as your niche product make sure it is high quality and the website owner is more likely to approve it.

Or if you want to post comments instead you can search for sites and submit several hundred comments (make sure they are different).

This is a free method and most bloggers do it to sell their products when they have little traffic on their site.


Like Facebook, you can create a campaign on all social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and others.

It is a payment method but it works immediately.

For example, if you invest $ 20 daily to promote your products on social media and if you get 3 minimum products for sale, you can earn almost $ 100 every day.

It does depend on your return on investment so it takes some skill and practice to find high paying affiliate products.

The best method is really to keep a long-term view and remember that some time is required to get your online business off the ground.

Pro Tip: If you sell products by investing in social networks, add high commission products.

That is, those products that promote more of their investment per day are promoted.

For example, if you invest $50 and promote products that have a commission of more than $500, then you can earn a lot with a single sale.

Lastly, you can apply the same strategy when you know where to promote ClickBank products free.

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