Online Side Gig Jobs

Whether you’ve got a part-time job, you are a mother or stay at home parent, a great way to enhance your income is by finding a legit side job. Online side gig jobs can be any type of paid work you complete via the internet.


Most online side gig jobs allow you to have more freedom than having a second job because they can pay you in your own time rather than by the hour and are flexible.  

Plus, the requirements are often a phone, and a computer, internet service.


Finding Legit Online Jobs

The one issue that arises when finding an online side job is finding legit jobs.  

There are tons of spammy websites and scams on the internet especially when it comes to finding work.  

Many sites will promise you a high amount of money, but the job you are currently doing is not what they explain on their website.

After looking for good side jobs, I have found a select few who are legit.  

Below you will see a list of Online side gig jobs that are online in addition to where you can look for open positions.


5 Online Side Gig Jobs


1. Freelance Writer

Writers are in enormous demand.  

Many sites and blog owners do not have the resources to create new content, so they need to outsource it to freelancers.

If you have good writing skills or are an expert in a particular or subject, you can check these websites and apply for job openings: Upwork and Guru.


2. Virtual Assistant

Tasks for a virtual assistant can include scheduling, social media management, administrative duties, bookkeeping, etc.

Depending upon your schedule when it fits into your program many virtual assistant jobs can be full-time or equally part-time and can be achieved.

Virtual Assistant jobs can have a wide assortment of roles.  

To find work you check the job posting sites, Indeed can search blogs and FlexJobs.


3. Graphic Designer

For this side job you definitely must have the experience required to complete graphic design work.  

Starting as a freelancer is the perfect way to start your career as you desire while still working as many hours.

Some of the best places to find work online include Authentic Jobs, Fiverr and Coroflot.


4. Customer Service Representative

This online side gig jobs normally entails you answering general product information, helping customers with a problem or complaint, and questions.  

Customer service representatives working from home do need to work shifts and set hours.

This side job doesn’t have as much flexibility, but you can do it from the comfort of your home.

You can find customer service representative jobs on even hunt or Working Solutions at home customer service representative.  

A lot of companies will have this type of position listed on their private job boards like Upwork.


5. Data Entry

This is one of the most popular areas because data entry does not require a lot of skills or qualifications.  

There are a lot of companies and websites who are looking to have people enter data.

 The best portion of these jobs is that the work and you do not need to have a lot of experience to get hired.  

But make sure to look out for the companies that have hyped-up ads.

In addition, one of the easiest places to starting earning a few dollars online for data entry is 2Captcha.


Thanks for checking out this list of online side gig jobs I hope that it helps you on your journey to earn more income from home. 


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