Is ClickBank Legit?

Is ClickBank Legit? Find Out The Truth

Are you trying to understand the answer to is ClickBank legit?

There is certainly a lot of conversations around ClickBank and some folks call them a scam.

Well, we’re going to clarify what is fiction and what is true.

I can honestly say I have a great level of success on the internet because of all of my trials and errors with ClickBank affiliate marketing.


is clickbank legit
Example of ClickBank earnings online


ClickBank’s goal is to provide vital tools for vendors to sell and advertise their products.

In other words, it’s where the marketers can find and market products without having to worry about software and all of the payment processing details.

ClickBank is an oasis for an affiliate marketer.

They’re so successful that some of their vendors and marketers have gone on to become millionaires.

For example, they market an average of 660,000 products in a single month – Remarkable.

The Visionaries that generated ClickBank had in mind to supply the most innovative and easy to use product supply platform on the internet.

In its history, the company surpassed sales of 1 million in one day for the 1st time in 2007, and that benchmark has become a regular occurrence.

For the last few years, the company had consistently been standing on the top 100 most amazing online retailers.

Their revenue was going up nearly 20% annually despite the economic downturn.


Secure Payment System

All payments for ClickBank products go through their own processing system.

That means that if you were to buy something from a merchant within ClickBank, you could rest assured that all of your credit card information is safe and no vendors actually see your credit card details.

It is important as none of the merchants and anyone will be able to acquire that information.

This practice is done well.

Therefore, if you go for a refund or take up money back guarantee you can get your money back easily.

In summary, yes, this positively answers is ClickBank legit.

Quality Of Products

People all around the world can create a product and list it on ClickBank.

In the past, this meant that deceptive products were sold causing infuriated clients to speak badly.

However, recently ClickBank has been taking down these older products and I have seen that they have much higher standards now for their affiliate products.

This has increased the quality of the information you will find in most of the affiliate products.

Always check your email for login information after you make a purchase on ClickBank so that you can access any product you have purchased.

You will understand that there is no scam if you analyze the product enough.

Whereas, what happens sometimes is a misinterpretation.

And nothing which can’t be fixed.

ClickBank’ tolerance level regarding fraud actions is zero.

Whatever complaints they get on a specific product they investigate it with the likelihood to take it down.

They do make the vendors comply with the policies so that there are no violations.


If you were asking ‘is ClickBank legit?’, I hope that this helps you to decide if it’s right for you.

The surprise is that scores of people don’t know about ClickBank so it is still a great opportunity to add to your financial nest egg as a marketer.

Remember, a complete refund of any merchandise purchased through ClickBank is backed by their guarantee policy.

Additionally, everyone that wants to promote products throughout the company must honour this policy to protect the consumers.

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