How To Generate Leads For Email Marketing

How To Generate Leads For Email Marketing: How to Capture More Leads!

So you are getting visitors to your website or blog, great! Now you want to know how do you convert that traffic into leads for your email list? This is one of my favourite areas in business so let’s get started with how to generate leads for email marketing.

This article looks at both basic and advanced options for maximizing the number of people you convert into prospects.

Therefore, whichever level you are on you can pick up some tips to use now.

Basic Lead Capture

To start with, a bare minimum strategy involves adding an opt-in form to your website to begin collecting leads from your website.

You can see an example of an opt-in form below.

how to generate leads for email marketing aweber

I made this form using Aweber which I love to use and get daily opt-ins with ease in my sleep.


How do you find the best opt-in forms?

List services such as Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp provide the code you need to do this.

Or if you are more advanced you can optimise and A/B test different landing pages with ClickFunnels.

Normally it a case of creating or choosing a type, choosing your listing, and then copying and pasting the code onto your website.

Ideally, you would have the form on popular pages of your website to improve the odds of your visitors when they arrive, seeing it.

Moreover, this isn’t enough by itself to get people to fill in their details and click the button to subscribe.

You need to make them a suitable offer that motivates them to do so.

At the most basic level, this could be as simple as asking them to join your newsletter or subscribing for blog updates.

However, it’s unlikely to maximize the amount of traffic you convert into prospects, although this might get you a few subscribers.

So what can you do? This is where you want to 10X how to generate leads for email marketing…

Below are extra articles on how to generate leads for email marketing:

Lead Magnet

If you have an online business you must create a lead magnet.

This is something you offer to your target market to encourage them to join your list.

In other words, I call it the Marilyn Monroe strategy.

how to generate leads for email marketing marilyn monroe

What I mean is, you have to get attention and giveaway relevant information that is irresistible, attractive and slightly mysterious. 

Take a moment to think about your own website, marketing strategies and lead magnet…

Do you feel that you’re really harnessing the Marilyn Monroe strategy?

Okay, you don’t have to take sexy photos or sing to the president… 

Let’s break it down with some basic examples of what you can do for an online business.

The possibilities are endless, but might include:

  • An eBook
  • An exclusive video
  • A private mp3
  • A downloadable report
  • Access to a gated content area
  • A discount code
  • Your event access
  • A personalised gift

So now, instead of just inviting visitors to join your listing for ‘updates’, which might not seem enticing, you are now offering them something of value.

Along with suitable copy and an attention-grabbing picture, your conversions are likely to increase.

What about increasing conversions farther? Let’s move on more…


Advanced Lead Capture

To maximize conversions and discover how to generate leads for email marketing you need something more dynamic to entice people.

This involves cool website tools such as:

* Popup lightboxes – where you get a popup with the subscription form this is
* Smartbars – you’ll see a colored bar to subscribe
* Welcome Mats – this takes over the whole screen with an offer, and you usually have to dismiss or scroll down to view the content on arriving at a website

These types of devices can increase conversions because they are:

* So attention-grabbing
* Usually much more visually appealing
* Above the standard forms offered by email services

But how do you add these?

There are two problems I saw in using most of these, although there are many different software solutions on the market.

Firstly, once you go past anything basic, they can begin to slow down your website with a great deal of code that’s loaded in unnecessarily.

By way of instance, I found that by using only a few opt-in form codes my site is faster and more user-friendly.

So speed is important for effective conversions.

Also, it’s 2019, so your website and opt-in forms better be mobile-friendly and adaptive, or you’ve already lost the game.

I’ll illustrate what I mean.

Imagine you had two devices on a page offering your guide magnet. Let’s say you’d:

* A smart bar at the top of the page

*  A lightbox pop-up

The lightbox nevertheless shows, offering the same magnet again to them, if the visitor subscribes via the smart bar.

This gives them a visitor experience and would, of course, be quite annoying to the visitor on a mobile phone. This isn’t acceptable.

The only way around it would be to have one pop-up offering your guide magnet.

But this becomes very restrictive and limits the number of leads you can attract.

So what can you do?

One solution that doesn’t have this limitation is known as hiding lead magnets.

When using this software, as soon as the visitor subscribes to a lead magnet, other devices offering the lead magnet no longer show.

Also, as soon as someone does subscribe, you can then begin showing follow-on offers.

You add a piece of code to your website to use it.

These can become very tricky to keep track of and manage over time, and often you need a developer to help.

Instead, with the right software, you control your campaigns directly.

This makes the entire process quicker and much easier.



This article shows you exactly how to how to generate leads for email marketing if you want to begin growing your email list by converting your website visitors.

In conclusion, simply start with something basic, such as an opt-in form provided by your list support you’re a newbie.

This gets you used to the overall procedure for lead capture.

Then you can build up your experience and try different lead generation tools.

In addition, here is a short video on the best lead generation software:

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