Starting a Blog To Make Money

7 Methods For Starting a Blog To Make Money

Do you want to know all about starting a blog to make money?

Money is simply inside the fingertips among bloggers.

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There is truly an endless number of methods for making money from blogging, but I will focus on the top seven in this tutorial.

When you focus on blogging it opens up endless possibilities to earn money online.

Most bloggers who earn 6 and 7-figures with blogging update their blog between 5 – 10 times per day.

Firstly, this sounds like a lot of work at first but it is a reliable strategy.

When you make sure your content is valuable then you can enjoy this opportunity too.

Secondly, if you enjoy writing and coming up with new content to help others it is something you can be passionate about.

Thirdly, listed below are the top 7 ways to get your blog to earn a good income source:


1. Engage in PPC Advertising Programs

Most bloggers find a sustainable way of making money from their blogs by using pay-per-click (PPC).

Although from the beginning you may not experience earning huge amounts of money from the blog, soon you’ll build up the earnings from your site.

But make sure to blog quality content to ensure more traffic on your website.

Google AdSense is the main PPC program that pays well.

Almost all sites are swarmed with ads nowadays.

However, you can control the layout of your ads and Google are the experts at placing ads that are optimised for your web visitors.

With Google AdSense, you get a share from the revenue generated from these ads.

All you’ve got to do is to add your AdSense code to your website and it free to join.


2. CPM

Cost Per Mille (CPM) advertising is a good way to enhance your earnings from your blog.

This program works similarly like the PPC strategy the strategy involves getting paid for a certain amount of hits from your page to you.

Basically, cost per mille is based on cost per thousand visitors.

Since you will be able to gauge your possible income per number of hits on your website, the amount you could earn from this strategy is predictable.


3. Banner Ads

Go for banner advertising if it’s easier for you.

This is a way for other advertisers to put visual advertisements on your blog.

Many companies pay high by paying a spot on your website to post their ads to advertise their products and services.

Bloggers usually enjoy the leeway of setting up their own rates.

Most serious bloggers can earn huge amounts from the 125×125 banner format.


4. Affiliate Programs

Join a high paying affiliate program when starting a blog to make money.

This is a good way to enhance the income you can earn from your site.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money on the internet by advertising a product’s banners or text link and you get a share of the gain from the ads that are exact.

Many bloggers are blessed to enjoy a good margin of income through affiliate marketing in their blogs.


5. Syndication

Syndicate your website through submitting RSS feeds.

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a good way of monetizing your site as this allows you to distribute your contents for a broader audience.

Although you will not truly earn big fast through this system, you can gain more income over time.

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6. Sponsorship

Find sponsors for your website.

When I was growing my blog I set up a sponsored guest submission option.

You can find advertisers or companies that participate in similar business linked to yours if you like to blog on a particular topic.

Moreover, when you blog consistently the companies will find you and email you directly.

They then pay you for advertising their company in sponsored guest posts or linking to their websites.


7. Blogging Networks

Some bloggers really enjoy using a blog network, such as Triberr.

Grab the advantage of blog networking if you would like to share other people’s content for them sharing yours in return.

This will offer you a good opportunity to blog and at the same time earn from these networks as your web traffic grows.

Some will let you post your blog and share others while some offer a paid option to boost your web traffic more quickly in order to generate income from your blog.

In summary, I hope that this helps you get clearer on starting a blog to make money.


Faithful in your success! 

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