How To Create a Successful Blog

How To Create a Successful Blog: Bloggers and Blogging To Create Publicity

It can be tough for beginners to really understand how to make money with a blog or how it can become a full business. Nevertheless, you should understand that there’s a gold mine on the web when you learn how to create a successful blog.

What’s all the talk about Websites? What’s a blogosphere?

Well, it’s another vehicle to “get out there.”

When I coach new writers, I ask them if they have a blog.

Then I ask them if they even subscribe to other blogs or even read and comment on other blogs. More times than not they answer, “No. Why? ”

Are you blogophobic? Are you one of the people that “don’t get it” when it comes to blogging, social media, and the constant internet chatter?

Whether you love or hate technology, it’s something most of us must deal with.

And if you’re running a business, have an online store or need to get noticed as an author or artist – a blog is a “must have” if you wish to be relevant and extend your brand.

A blog (short for web log) is a form of a website that functions as an online journal, with the most recent entry displayed first.


Does Blogging Work?

As recently as ten years ago, blogs didn’t exist.

Nowadays, it’s estimated that there are between 50 and 100 million blog readers in the U.S.

And based on, Blog subscribers average 23 hours online each week.

A vital element of social media is the idea of staying connected and communicating with an audience.

Blogs are about two-way communication – because when you write a blog entry, people can comment. Hence, blogs led the “Web 2.0” revolution.

In any case, blogging is fast, cheap and can be fun!

It’s a way to put your personality on display – frequently.

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Blogging Proof

Nickcole Byrd, an ordained minister at Higher Dimension Church in Houston, Texas, and author of “The Purple Book of Success” says, “Blogging is a creative and surefire way for people to experience you, your service and or product. It allows readers to get involved in my world as it relates to empowerment and leadership. As a writer, it provides a canvas for me to develop concepts and ideas for future writing endeavours further. Blogging creates an infallible opportunity to leave a writing heritage. ”

You can also experience the advantages of blogging on your own website when you learn how to create a successful blog.


Next Steps

If you currently have a traditional website, you can start a separate blog.

Some programs will automatically display your blog posts on your website.

Even if you currently have a traditional website, you can still add content pages to your blog to make it more like a website.

For example, Nickcole Byrd creates “blogsites” for ministries.

This is a blog that functions as the website but is a WordPress blog.

She can also attach the blog to a present website too.

(This will increase your Search Engine Optimization automatically too.)

Byrd created Ministry Marketing Solutions website which is a ” blog site. ”

That’s the beauty of a blog you can make it suit your own vision and interests.

Each of the articles or entries is called a “post, ” and the posts are usually updated once or twice per week.

You should aim to make your blog posts between 300 – 500 words at least.

Sometimes posts are lists of favorite items or hyperlinks, a video from YouTube, a review, current events or an interesting photo with a tagline.

Whatever you’re enthusiastic about, that’s what you blog to start how to create a successful blog.

Before you set up your blog, think about what you enjoy most:

  • Do you like to write opinions
  • teach, train or consult
  • do videos
  • create conversation
  • or just have a place to share your creative content – there are no rules!


How To Promote a Successful Blog

Blogging experts say that to bring in blog traffic today, you want to stop pushing out your message and begin pulling your clients in with good content.

This will spread more throughout social media.

Blogging gives aspiring entrepreneurs and writers a strategic method of advertising and influencing buyer’s decisions to buy their product or buy into your ideas.

When you post good content, it always helps to position yourself as an expert and thought leader.

This is the art of how to create a successful blog and build your brand to connect with more people.

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