How Do You Make Money Blogging?

How Do You Make Money Blogging? Secrets Revealed Here!

Do you want to know the answer to how do you make money blogging?

If you want to blog to earn money online, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s not that hard to do it.

Of course, the amount of money you earn depends entirely on your continued efforts to publish a great blog, grow the public interest and continuously test new opportunities to earn money.

You must find the best ways to meet the expectations of your audience regarding your blog and your own goals.

With this in mind, verify the ways that are easy enough to make money with your blogging efforts.

Here are 9 ideas on how do you make money blogging:


1) Join an Advertising Program

There are many advertising programs available for bloggers to join.

Google AdSense is one of the most popular, and the easiest to set up, that offers a variety of text, visualization and video advertising opportunities for bloggers.

Your investment is likely to pay for the effort, experimentation and testing.

Google AdSense can be the fastest and easiest way for beginners to start a passive entry with a blog.

The basic idea behind AdSense is that you can show Google ads on your website and when a visitor clicks on the ads, you get a percentage of the advertising costs.

You’ve certainly seen ads on other people’s websites; these ads can be on your blog or on your website as well.


2) Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Many companies offer programs that allow you to register as a subscriber and earn money selling your products.

Advertising programs are affiliated to you through commissions on the sales of there blog products.

Such programs can be much more profitable than the Google AdSense advertising programs that earn clicks.

For example, Amazon Associates are the most popular programs, in part because it is easy to use and exploits Amazon’s popularity as a reliable retailer.


3) Join Other Affiliate Advertising Networks

Some affiliate advertising networks link online advertisers with publishers (such as bloggers) that cover relevant topics.

Junction Commission is one of the most popular affiliate advertising networks.

Time and effort can be used effectively, but you can get a reasonable income.


4) Sell Your Own Ad Space Directly to Advertisers

How do you make money blogging? Well, another you can do is sell your own advertising space directly to advertisers.

But if your blog is not established with a fairly large audience, managing and making money selling advertising space can be difficult and there may not be many big advertisers interested.

Fortunately, sites like link online publishers (such as bloggers) with online advertisers to make it easier to sell ads.

This can be a profitable activity if you are loyal to the site.


5) Publish Posts and Reviews For Pay

Additionally, you can write blog posts on your own blog for other companies as an alternative to receiving payment.

To begin, see the websites that link online publishers (such as bloggers) with companies and people who want to review or discuss their products and services online.

Just make sure you understand how to publish a paid job or a sponsored review on your blog, so it does not have a negative impact on your blog traffic or the company reputation.


6) Sell Merchandise

It is easier and cheaper to sell your own online store where you will sell personalized products.

These are three of the most popular sites:

  1. CafePress
  2. Zazzle
  3. Printfection

In general, these sites offer t-shirts, mugs, bags, stationery and other basic elements that are adaptable and that you add to your illustrations, messages or other design features.

You and the site receive a portion of the income generated from the sale of those items.

Start by adding it into your blog content.


7) Become a Professional Blogger

If you write well and can work independently, you could work from home as a professional blogger full-time.

Of course, you will need to love the art of writing and creating content on a blank page.

Despite that, many blog posts are using outsourced writers to make their content.

However, keep in mind that bloggers’ payment rates change drastically.

So make sure you have the opportunity to achieve your long-term blogging goals.


8) Join a Blogging Network

Blog networks include blogs and bloggers that all publish under a brand or larger company.

Many of these blogs pay bloggers for a fair fee for work or in a word written by the blogger, or the blogger gets a percentage of the advertising earnings that are linked to the number of opinions created by the jobs.

However, some networks pay a fixed fee and a percentage of advertising revenue.

As always, make sure the opportunities you follow match your long-term blog goals.


9) Ask for Donations

Although it is unlikely that you will earn much money from donors, you can easily add donation buttons into your blog.

Or just add a PayPal subscription button, and you may be surprised by a generous contribution from one of your readers.

In conclusion, these are 9 of the most reliable ideas about how do you make money blogging.

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