4 Easy Tips On How To Make Money Blogging

Times are changing. Blogs are no longer used solely for online journals. Instead, they became a widely used vehicle for earning money. If you’re looking for some extra cash, we can show you how to make money blogging in four different ways.

As a result, this gives you the opportunity to start living a lifestyle that you enjoy and save up for all of the wonderful things that you desire. 

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1. Make money from advertising

First of all, the easiest way to generate money when you learn how to make money blogging is selling advertising space.

The larger your blog-reading audience, the more advertising revenue you can generate.

Step 1: The first step is to sign up for Google Analytics.

You can track your number of website visitors over time.

how to make money blogging google analytics


Step 2: The second step is to sign up for Google AdSense.

Google’s AdSense is among the most popular ways to make money from advertising.

how to make money blogging google adsense

Sign up for their program free of charge and choose adverts that are associated with your blog posts.

Whenever somebody clicks on one of those ads, you get paid, and Google takes commission off the top.


2. Affiliate links on your blog

Another popular means of learning how to make money off a blog is through affiliate programs, by way of example, Amazon.

It’s a simple procedure whereby you mention a product on your blog that Amazon sells and the reader gets the chance to link directly to this product on Amazon’s website.

If a customer ends up purchasing the item from your affiliate link, you get a cut of the selling price.

You don’t need to limit yourself to one affiliate program, nor do you need to lose your integrity by promoting products you don’ t believe in!

If you’re an avid fan of music, why not promote your favourite bands and songs by mentioning their singles and albums which are available on Amazon?

In fact, Ticketmaster has a high paying affiliate program if you are interested in rallying up fans to go to see shows and live performances.

Sign me up for Drake or Nicki Minaj!

The same thing goes for whatever your passion in life happens to be.


3. Donations and how to make money blogging

When you’re wondering how to make money blogging, you may not immediately think of donations.

For the reason that the content on your blog is worthy of financial contributions, then you can set up a donations link via PayPal and ask people to donate to your blog.

Examples of donation-worthy blogs would be sites about animal welfare, health, education or any social issue that people feel passionate about, especially if you’re actively promoting the cause of quality content on your blog.

Another method is to use Patreon so that your community pay a subscription for your creative content.


4. Market yourself and start a blog

Use social media to promote your existing business or new business.

Let’s say you sell cycling-related products through eBay.

Well, there’s no reason you can’t blog about your organization and also offer quality cycling-related content on your Facebook or Pinterest account.

All the while promoting your goods and encouraging people to purchase them for you.

Recommendation: Get Blog2Social if you want to auto-post and schedule your WordPress blogs posts to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Above all, you should make certain you constantly keep your blog up to date.

Include all the latest products, information and special offers.

And it’s worth repeating, the content should be very high quality.

Or else you are not providing anything of value for your readers.

On the other hand, if you don’t already have a business, then use your blog to advertise your skills, goals and ideas.

For example, virtual assistant, online transcription server, web design or computer programming or virtual content creator.



Learning how to make money off a blog can be a very productive way to begin and maintain a profitable business online.

It may be argued that blogging is now an entrepreneur’s best friend.

Use these four tips and begin to act on how to make money blogging.

In conclusion, you are worthy of receiving all of the wonderful things that you desire.

The key is to take action and do the simple and easy steps consistently.

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