New Artist Review: Oh Well and Insomnia

Oh Well’s latest presentation, “Insomnia”, comes with an exciting music video and satisfies the “anxiety of sleepless nights.”

This is the artist’s latest music video Oh Well, not only for his creativity but for his passion to explore the extraordinary. The clue indicates that his title is not only in his name but in his broad influence on the person involved.


What Sound Can You Expect?

It is an extensive set of dance sounds, anaemic coronary progress and constructions of the artist’s speech. His voice fosters a certain depth and gravity that is completely consistent.

In his new music video “Insomnia”, the artist talks about a very common problem that many people face.

It shows beautifully and effectively the frustration and confusion associated with this problem that largely reflects the adrenaline of the listener.

Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

So relating to Oh Well, mental illnesses are sometimes surpressed or left undiscussed so it can be inspiring for people to think, ‘Oh, well, it happens to these people and I can get over it too’.

Insomnia, which was be released on December 20, 2019, consists of a collection of four beautifully composed songs.

The drums and bass combine with the waves of the orchestra to create a unique backdrop suitable for lyrics designed to surprise the soul.

The result of thick currents and low falls is the tone of the pianos, harps and sulfur to compensate and the tenor sings and supports the human condition.


Final Word

This is different from the usual music on my playlist which is mostly HipHop. Despite that, you can feel the artist’s sensitivity to his musical charisma and it has been an honour to review the artistry.

It is a slow rhythmic rhythm and you can feel the darker emotions if that’s what you’re into.


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