Legit Music Promotion Companies

Legit Music Promotion Companies

Here is a summary of legit music promotion companies to help you build exposure and grow your brand.


If you’re in a band or an independent solo artist it is important to promote yourself every day.

With an online presence established such as Purevolme, Myspace, Facebook YouTube or Twitter you continue to post, network and comment.

However, you are not getting the results you expected.

This is the point where you will need to find a manager or company experienced in the music business.

Picture this… Nobody is sharing your music and nobody is buying your merch. But you know that it is very rare.

Don’t rely on friends and family to promote you, instead start learning about the companies to reach out to.

The right company will use an efficient method of marketing and networking.

Social networking becomes a strong promotional tool only whenever you know how to utilize it.

Sending friend requests and spam messages is not an efficient way to grow your brand.

Below are 24 legit music promotion companies:


  1. Cherry Tree Productions
  2. Collateral Works
  3. D.Baron Media Relations
  4. Evolution Promotion
  5. Future Marketing Group
  6. Generation Media
  7. Goldenvoice Concerts
  8. Independent Records
  9. Kaos Management Pty Ltd
  10. Khokolate Entertainment
  11. Loggins Promotion
  12. Mia Mind Music
  13. Mitch Schneider Organization
  14. Music Channeling and Promotions
  15. Nasty Little Man Public Relations
  16. Pixelpowder.com
  17. Radio Exclusive
  18. RCI Music Promotion
  19. Serious International Music Producers
  20. Size Thirteen Music
  21. Strikeforce Entertainment Inc.
  22. Team Clermont
  23. UK Band Music and Artist Promotion
  24. VersusMedia



Promoting Your Music

Social networking is about connecting and communicating with others.

Utilize Facebook and Twitter to participate on a level that is deeper with your followers.

You must create participation, involvement, and interaction.

Get knowledgeable about who your fans are and allow them to discover more about you.

Always remember to keep a sense that is personal and too pushy.

Plainly, for using networking, your number one goal is to spread your music.

Social networking websites such as Purevolume and MySpace allow you to find bands that share things in common (plenty of people still use MySpace).

Connect with other musicians or that fit your genre, or style of your band e.g. indie, hip hop, dance, etc.


Create, Create, Create

When creating content, update it on a regular basis with timely information.

Creating content would be essential in getting your group out there.

The more content you generate, the more likely individuals are to discover your music.

By linking all of your websites and advertising your band, shows, and songs on each channel, your group can benefit from generating traffic.

In addition, tracking your social network success rate with Band Metrics would be the ideal way to know if you’re doing a great job in promoting and advertising your group online.

Built especially for musicians, Band Metrics can measure the method your supporters interact with your brand and content.

Consequently, your band receives valuable info of what your fans respond to.

Overall, there is not one specific formula who works for everyone.

As you grow, your social media can be managed by your team or a promotional company.

If you have a great experience with other legit music promotion companies be sure to add it in the comments below.


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