Best Streaming Platforms to Make Money

Music investors should pay attention to the growth of the video market. Let’s talk about the best streaming platforms to make money.

People respond to visual stimuli. According to a Wordstream survey, 51 percent of global marketers say video is the content that produces the best ROI. Marketing using video is growing 49 percent faster than marketers who don’t, according to the same source. Just remember that people spend an average of 3 hours a day on video streaming apps like Netflix or Twitch and users spend up to 12 hours on TikTok according to AppAnnie.

YouTube is probably the most popular live streaming app, but there are plenty of others competing on the market. If you want to build a live streaming app, Android may be the way to go, or you can create one for iOS. If you’re wondering how to start earning from a streaming service, this article will help you.

The Top 3 Methods – Best Streaming Platforms to Make Money:

1. Launch your own platform

The best way to make money from your live broadcasts is to create your own platform. If you’re wondering how to start a streaming service like Netflix, pay attention to its business model. These types of live video streaming sites are very popular.

With a platform, you can:

  • Hosting live streams
  • Charge monthly subscription fee
  • Take control of marketing
  • Keep 100 percent of what you earn

Live streamers who switch from a third-party streaming platform to their own platform can earn an average of $ 5,800 per month. How to create a live streaming website is not a challenge.

2. Get subscriptions or tips from fans

If you’re looking for proof that your hobby for streaming videos / concerts / professional careers is heading in a good direction, a prime subscription or higher is good. You have a very special feeling when you start to feel that someone, somewhere, is grateful for what you are doing to send you some buckets. Most live streaming platforms and websites allow you to stream money by allowing your audience to send you subscriptions or suggestions.

Here’s a breakdown of what some of the major platforms use:

  • YouTube’s main tipping service is Super Chat. Viewers can use pinning tips in your channel’s chat window to make them more prominent. YouTube allows users to purchase a chat animation called Super Stickers, and you get a share of each purchase.
  • Twitch allows viewers to “laugh” using Bits, the platform’s virtual article. If you are a Twitch affiliate or partner, you get about a penny for every bit an audience uses while laughing. The audience can write a message that is presented together with a special type of emoticon, Cheemote.
  • Facebook’s tipping service is rolling in around Stars, a kind of virtual reality audience that can be bought and sent, giving you pennies per star. You must be part of the Facebook Level Up program to enable Stars. Facebook also supports charitable fundraising donations for 501 based in the United States.
  • Mixer has a system where viewers get Sparks by watching broadcasts and casting them to Skills – animations and gifs. If you get enough skills, you will get paid. Spectators can buy Embers and exchange them for more impressive Skills, which pay you more.
  • DLive enables viewers to make blockchain-based Lino points by interacting with human streams. These points may be sent to you as a gift.

3. Regular viewer payments on the streaming platform

What better way to get a casual top from your audience? Get a regular payment, of course. These regular payments usually take you a few cubes each, but if you can get enough of them, you can certainly handle them. Generally, you must meet certain requirements to enable this type of support, because the platforms are maintained for members of your content creation program. Platforms that don’t already have it are likely to implement this feature in the future as it is a popular way to transmit money.

Here’s how some platforms handle this:

  • YouTube has a channel membership program that allows users to connect channels with monthly payments. To open your channel to this opportunity, you must be in the YouTube Partner Program and meet additional eligibility requirements.
  • Twitch has a paid subscription program that allows you to earn with paid subscriptions if you are an Associate or Partner. Your audience gets a free subscription through Twitch Prime, or they can pay for it with PayPal, Amazon Pay, or credit cards.
  • Facebook Gaming has a subscription program in the works.
  • Mixer has an affiliate payment program with subscriptions, which allows users to set up card or PayPal payments.

If the platform you use allows it, you must make the content available to your subscribers. This is a good way to give your most loyal audience a little more support. Also, remember to call the people who subscribe and maybe even comment on their subscription anniversary.

Before you go, I hope this above article best streaming platforms to make money is helpful and beneficial for you.

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