How To Start a Blog On WordPress

How To Start a Blog On WordPress: How To Create A Website On the WordPress Platform?

Lots of you have probably heard about how to start a blog on WordPress.

Perhaps you have even tried to create a blog, but fearful of difficulties with the installation, we decided to abandon the idea.

The truth is, to manage this platform is quite simple.

I’m going to share easy tips with you.

Before you start your site, think about the reason you are learning how to start a blog on WordPress. What is the purpose of the content you want to create?


Get Your Blog Started

Initially, there are many difficulties and obstacles: the lack of programming experience, lack of time, work, holidays, etc.

But now everything is falling into place, a normal working procedure, with which, I’m unspeakably pleased.

And I do not regret my choice fell on WordPress.

Over the years I’ve worked with developers to speed up my time and perform the more technical tasks.

The developers did not cease to amaze with new, user-friendly bells and whistles on the admin panel, which appear almost in each upgrade.

The easiest way to take action on how to start a blog on WordPress (WP) is to use a WordPress 1-Click installation option.

Here are 3 WP 1-Click Installation hosting companies that you can use:

  1. Hostgator
  2. Bluehost
  3. 1&1 Ionos


Getting To Know the Admin Panel

Concerning the admin panel in dedicated hosting, everything is made simple and understandable to the development of its capabilities you won’t require much time and great mental effort.

Not having prior knowledge of HTML, you may well be able to manage the basic functions.

Such as, to create headings and pages, insert images, audio and video files, and most importantly to publish articles.

After all, this is the most important task of any blog.

Believe me, since you have not utilized to its fullest performance, you will get used to blogging.


Creating Blog Posts

Select interesting and helpful content when writing your blog posts.

Although I must admit, when forming the site, issues will arise at regular intervals.

This is normal.

You don’t need to be scared or stop, because, as you know, most things are difficult in the beginning.

Additionally, the answers to most of the queries are available online.

If you’re still stuck and you can’t find the answer online then you need to programmers for help.

In summary, most of the WordPress solutions are related to the installation for a plugin.

You can easlily search for new Plugins to improve the performance of your site.

Moreover, many of the plugins are free to use or given with a trial sign-up.

At the moment, there are over 9000 WordPress plugins, most of which can be downloaded from the WordPress dashboard.

It’s not difficult to conclude that, for almost any task on the site, there is a plugin!

how to start a blog on wordpress plugins
Navigate to Plugins on the WordPress Dashboard


The easiest method for how to start a blog on WordPress is to use installation and activation with the dedicated hosting site.

Some hosting sites are extremely simple even though the configuration of some plug-ins requires knowledge of the same HTML.

In conclusion, To protect yourself from unnecessary expenditures, I recommend studying at least the basic WordPress setup.

It requires no more than a couple hours of your precious time.

As a result, you receive the knowledge that unleashes your opportunities and makes it easier to operate.

Faithful in your success! 

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