How To Create a Blog Post

How To Create a Blog Post: Use Your Passion For Profit

Before you begin with how to create a blog post, you need to seriously think about the subject you’re going to put your attention on.

Lots of different blogs offer advice on the technical aspects of blogging as a business.

You can discover a lot based on the IT and advertising world about how to create a blog post.

This is extremely good for understanding concepts like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keywords, traffic, and ad revenue.

These usual technical tips are geared towards the business-minded individually who will see blogging, first of all, as a business.  

However, in this article, we will talk more about the creativity and mindset for creating a blog post for a new blog.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed dozens of sites during the last decade that both engaged me as a reader and have made a significant income for their creators.

So I will share of the key pointers with you.


Creating Interesting Blog Posts

The thing that drew me into sites like, Daily Dish, DailyKos, or Awesome Zara had nothing to do with my perception of the business models.

That’s one of the trickiest parts of starting such a successful site.  

The interest I had in any of these sites was their engaging content., for example, was launched by a graphic designer who was frustrated with her job working for a PR firm in Utah.

She set up the site basically as a way to vent her frustrations about her job and gained such a following that her boss fired her for it.

how to create a blog post

Another example is Michelle from originally started her blog to write her journey to understand finances better. She is no earning 6-figures each month.

Shortly after, Michelle was able to leverage revenue created on her blog.

Where she chronicles her discoveries about working and travelling at the same time.

As well as, making more money and saving money with useful finance tips.

This is a style that you can also adopt when you learn how to create a blog post.

 While it’s true that Michelle knows a lot about social media marketing tricks to grow her site, what drew me and countless others into her readership was her ability to be transparent and committed.


Controversial Blog Posts

In addition,  DailyKos has a unique community of people.

While they appear to share a certain political perspective that gained massive popularity during the end of the Bush years, the writing on this site is what increases their visitors and keeps them coming back.

Both of these examples sites are based on strong, unique content.  

In Michelle’s case, she found a burning desire to leave the corporate world and worked diligently to create her own blog business.

And that caught on among the groups of other readers who identified themselves in her story.

In the event of Daily Kos, the writers had topical and significant things to say about the way the Bush administration was running the country into the ground.

They promoted their viewpoints through networking and have since become one of the go-to sources of political blogging on the web.



The key to successfully learning how to create a blog post is to find your passions and provide information on popular topics and express your viewpoints throughout your website.

Finally, the technical aspects of how to optimize a blog post are very important. You give yourself an advantage if you check out other blogs and create a list of topics that mean a lot to you.

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