How To Have a Successful Blog Site

How To Have a Successful Blog Site: 4 things you need to start a successful blog

Here are the 4 key things you need to learn about how to have a successful blog site. The goal of this article is to give you simple and clear instructions that you can follow and create your own success as quickly as possible.

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1) A Working Website:

When we started creating blogs, we focused on publishing, polishing, Google AdWords, landing pages, photos, video, social network accounts, whatever really!

But, in fact, it’s all that extra work that stops you from being able to focus.

You need a working website first.

Yes, this can come in different shapes and sizes.

For example, depending on your niche you may only need a landing page.

Or if you are into owning digital assets, like me, then you need a full-scale WordPress operation.

Think about which game you are playing and stick to it.

I will continue in the example of a WordPress blog site.

What I mean is it should be easy to read in the first place.

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You do not need a personalized $10,000 website with the colours you took from the inspiring Pinterest board.

In order to start with how to have a successful blog site all you need to do is, in the beginning, are the templates provided FREE or close-to-free to help you create a beautiful blog on WordPress.

Later, as you start to get traffic I recommend that you upgrade your blog theme to a premium theme.

You must remember that there is a major need for ONE thing.

That is for someone on your website to find information on what they were looking for.


If you can do that, you win the battle.

Then you need to facilitate tracking, optimising and sharing about how wonderful and exciting you are.

While a good website is excellent, it should not be the first commercial order you have.

A clean design will be the trick for beginners.

So, take a break and realize that you have it covered.


Here are some things that I think are important:

  • Clean, clean – so I cannot say enough. Overcrowded websites make people show the “peace sign” and do not return again.
  • Show your social network icons. I also recommend that you offer to join your email list (more than that below).
  • The “about me” page is one of the most visited on any site. Make sure it’s easy to find.
  • Do your best to make sure all links are clickable and actually go to a real webpage.
  • Highlight the very popular sections on topics that you write about.
  • Finally, the search bar! If you create a lot of content it makes it easy for people to find stuff.


2) Write great content:

In order to learn how to have a successful blog site, you do not need to start the next big trilogy here.

But, you need to write the content that you like to read and attracts others. Let me explain…


Long posts and strategy:

The other day I had a conversation with a girl who told me that she could not find out why her blog was not growing.

She had a lovely little blog and images, but most of the work was long personal articles.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually great to write long posts (1000+ words).

But you have to pair it with a great SEO strategy.

Otherwise, your blog will not grow quickly… that’s it!


Include actionable tips:

Now I do not know about you, but I’m going to a blog to read its content and pick out the juiciest bits of information.

No matter what you’re talking about, tell me what I can take action on, be descriptive and, of course, interesting.


Avoid this 1 mistake:

Subsequently, to have a successful blog you will need to be consistent.

Set up a publishing schedule and make sure that you stick to it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Only then will you see results after sticking at it.

Moreover, the important mistake, which many bloggers usually make when they create a great topic, is to stop writing for several weeks (or months).


Titles and Clickbait:

A title or subtitle should also be interesting.

Look, there’s a reason why clickbait works… It gets people’s attention!

So go on, be a bit daring with some of your titles, photos and subheadings, if not all.

Let’s say you write a work about your weekend in Los Angeles, California, where you found the meaning of life and you connected with your inner creative being…

But your title is: ‘My Time in LA’.

Hit the snooze…

First, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the reader.

Instead of talking about you, think about them.

Also, are we talking about a few SEO keywords in the title?

Both SEO and attention-grabbing is important.

Your title should be as strong as the words you put together in your work.



Alright, the next step for writing great content is to actually promote it.

  • I highly recommend Tailwind (free trial) l for automatically promoting your blog on Pinterest and this is the tool I use every single day to double my website traffic.

For social media, you should create 140 interesting tweets or tidbits to explain why someone should stop what they are doing, click and read their work.



In summary, the ball does not stop to write a wonderful subject.

We have to think about why we wrote it and what it will ultimately do for the reader.

I’m not saying you have to spend hours thinking about how this will help a possible reader.

But I think it’s important to understand the link behind why someone could read your blog and promoting it.


3) Build An Email List:

Now that you have a site and awesome content, there is only one other thing you need:

An email list.

I know what you’re thinking, but why?

And let me tell you, I thought the same.

But if my blog is an example, this is something everyone should do too.

When I started an email list, I started a little bit at a time.

I asked the people in on my LinkedIn account to subscribe.

It started slowly because I did not know what I was doing.

But when I realized that it was my connection with my readers to have this email list and allowed myself to send direct and direct emails to get sales every day, I enjoyed it.

But I not only understood the connection that this would bring, but I am also honest about my focus on selling value and growing a brand.

You can also keep the traffic flowing back to your blog site by emailing updates when you publish a new post.

This is what the 7-figure full-time bloggers do very well and I have witnessed this.

When I sold my first product, I had an email list of fewer than 2,000 subscribers. I made more than $2,000.

Now my email list is 5-figures and I am moving towards my goal of a million.

And the way I grew my list took time and effort, but it’s worth it.

In the end, this is a key tactic about how to have a successful blog site.

One of the best ways I have increased my subscribers is to offer a free incentive that helps people overcome a problem and move towards their desired lifestyle.


4) Content is King:

Web marketers and bloggers often have an argument: Quality vs. Quantity.

The amount involves increasing your traffic and maintaining it, but you should always focus on quality over quantity.

If your readers derive value from the information in their articles, they will relate to their usual audience and be in their usual audience.

On the other hand, nobody can enjoy your blog if you publish superficial and informal articles.

Despite this, I am not on the side of perfectionists so you don’t have to make it ‘perfect’ – just do your best.

Websites are all about speed and quantity and this is where I excel. You can do it too.


5) Good design is a must:

Blog design can influence how readers feel about a topic.

The first impression can be very good or broken if you want to learn how to have a successful blog site.

To explain, if your blog is ugly and hard to read it will not be successful for you.

In addition, Google’s algorithms give priority to mobile sites.

Smart Insights research shows that people now spend more time on mobile devices.

Make your blog easy to use for mobile devices and be receptive to ensure that you create a pleasant reading experience for your audience and you will have hung SEO results.

Finally, you are taking the time to invest in your blog site so view it as a business and work on it daily in a professional approach.

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Faithful in your success! 


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