How to Send Money on Cash App Without Debit Card

Cash App is one of the most efficient ways to send money in today’s time. With just the use of your phone, sending, receiving, and using money is a lot easier because it is done electronically. 

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Sending money using Cash App is an easy task to do. You can also use this transaction in paying someone else. But there are things that you must make sure that you have before proceeding in sending out money: First you must have an account in Cash App, then you must link either your debit card, bank account or even credit card. 

You first must have an account in Cash App before you can use it.

When you open your Cash App, tap the amount you want to spend on the number keys in front of the screen you are using. Then the total amount will be shown on top. 

Tap the pay button on the bottom right of the number keys. After doing this, the app will send you to a new page wherein you can send money to someone else. 

There are two boxes you first must fill up before proceeding with sending the money. This will be found above the screen below the amount of money you will send. 

First is typing in the name of the person you will send your money to. You can either choose to type in the name of the client, his/her Cash tag/code, cell phone number, or SMS and email address. 

Then type in what is the money for. It could be for payments, food, services, and more. This is only a suggested fill-up box, but this is highly recommended especially if you are paying someone and not only sending the money. 

Then press the pay button to continue. 


How to send/pay someone using Cash App? (Without a Debit Card)

Not everyone has a debit card, but that doesn’t mean you can no longer use Cash App. You can still send, receive and add money using your bank account or even your credit card. 

In order for you to use the Cash App without linking your Debit Card. You must then link your Bank Account for the replacement of the required card. 

When you have linked your Bank Account with Cash App you have two choices on how you can send or pay money to someone else. 

First Way

You can add cash directly to your Cash App account with the use of your Bank Account.

Then follow the steps mentioned above.

Second Way

When you are on the second page, you will have typed in the name of the person you want to send the money to. 

You will see the amount of money on the top of your screen and a drop-down button specifying where that amount will come from.

Press the drop-down button and you can either choose if the money will come from your Cash App Balance or Directly from your linked bank account. 

If you choose your Cash App Balance you will first have to complete the first way mentioned above.

But if you choose your chosen bank account it will then get the money directly from your linked bank account. 

Sending money using QR code in Cash App

Another very simple way for you to send money is with the use of Scanning QR codes. With just the use of your camera, it will directly send the money to your client. 

There is also a QR code option in sending money using Cash App. 

On the Homepage of the app, there is a QR code button on the top left of your screen. 

Press the button and the app will request permission to access your camera.

Accept the permission and directly point your camera on the QR code of the person you would want to send the money to. 

The QR code will be provided by the Cash App in the account page of your app. 

How to use Cash App with your Credit Card

You can also use Cash App with your credit card. You could still use the features of the app without linking your debit card. But there is a fee because you are using your credit card. 

You can also use your Credit card when sending money to someone. 

First is you must link your Credit card to your Cash App. 

Then you can add cash using your credit card directly to your cash balance in the app. 

But keep in mind, there will be a 3% fee that will be used because you are using a major bank account. 


When receiving money from someone else there are also multiple ways to do this. 

The simplest way is to create an account in Cash App. This will require you to fill up some verification for your safeness. When asked about who to send it to, you can either give your name that you use in the app. Or you can use the Cashtag that you were given or just scan the QR code that is also provided by the app. 

But you are not required to create an account in Cash App for you to receive money from someone. You can give your email address or your Phone number in replacement for not having an account. You will still receive the money that you are given but this might take more work rather than creating an account. 

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