World Remit Money Transfer (How to Send Money With WorldRemit)

If you want to know about the World Remit money transfer and how to send money then this is the right post for you. We will not only answer this question, but we will also tell you some of the main advantages of WorldRemit.

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World Remit Money Transfer Online

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What is WorldRemit?

Before we explain how to send and transfer money with WorldRemit, we should clarify what this program is. WorldRemit is a cross-border money transfer service. That is, if you want to send money to a relative in another part of the world, you can do it without any problem with this service.

The service has been active since 2011 and currently has branches in more than 150 countries around the world. WorldRemit is one of the pioneer programs in this area and is one of the most popular today.

Moreover, the branches and operators are not only active in first-world countries, they are also found in developing countries such as Africa, Sudan, Libya, etc.

Moreover, not only can you use WorldRemit from your computer, you can do it from your cell phone and send money to anyone anywhere in the world.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about time because the transfer is done online and the commissions are extremely low compared to other companies that do the same job as WorldRemit.

Every day the platform sends about 130 thousand bank transfers worldwide. However, this is only one of the four ways to send money with WorldRemit.

World Remit Money Transfer

Are there different ways to send money with WorldRemit?

WorldRemit currently offers four different ways to send money to your family members, all with the advantage of offering a fast and secure service that you can use from either your phone or computer.

Wire Transfer

One of the most popular ways are bank transfers from WorldRemit. In addition to being fast and secure, they are very easy to use. You can transfer to major banks all over the world.

Usually when we are far away from our friends and family, it is difficult to send large amounts of money. With the help of WorldRemit you can feel closer to them and transfer without any problem.

How do the transfers work?

The first thing to do if you want to send money with WorldRemit is to go to the website. Once inside, you must select the recipient country. Once you have selected the country, you will be asked how you want to send the money. Click on the bank transfer button.

Immediately, you must enter the amount to be transferred. Remember that the commissions are quite low, if it is a high amount you will not have to transfer more. When you enter the amount and click next, you will be directed to a new page.

Here you will be asked to create a new account with your email, phone number and address. If you already have an account, you must enter your user data.

Once the registration is complete, fill in the recipient’s information such as bank details, email address, full name and address, finally, choose the payment method, SOFORT, INTERAC, and POLI, debit or credit. And clicks continue.

If you want to know how long it will take for the money to arrive, select the country to which you will send the amount. Then select the bank transfer button, in a blue box you should see the estimated time it will take for the money to arrive. The recipient will also receive an email when the money is available.

Cash Withdrawal

In the case of cash withdrawals from WorldRemit, the cash is available as soon as the money is in the account. To withdraw it, just go to a branch from

anywhere in the world and in a few minutes you will have it in your hands.

What is needed for a cash withdrawal?

To cash a cash withdrawal you need to comply with a series of requirements. First of all, you need to have a government-issued ID such as a passport or license.

Another requirement is the transfer reference number. This number can be found in the email that is sent to the recipient when the money is already available.

Mobile Money

Mobile money is another service offered by WorldRemit, how does it work? Simple, this is an electronic wallet service that makes it possible to send money within minutes.

It is available worldwide that helps users to store, send and receive any amount. You can use it with the help of your cell phone.

Even if you are concerned about security, rest assured that all data is fully secured. Mobile money is undoubtedly another popular way to send money with WorldRemit.

Phone Top-Up

As a last alternative, you can use electronic recharge. This service is done immediately. Besides the fact that it is super easy to use, you can add more call time or data usage to the payment.

How does WorldRemit work?

To use this platform the first thing you need to do is create an account. Remember that WorldRemit is a completely online service where you can make transfers in 90 different currencies.

After creating your account, add the recipient’s information and pay for your transfer. Keep in mind that all transfers can be paid by several methods. Among them are credit or debit card and bank transfers.

If you want to make the payment through your cell phone, you will need to download the App and complete the same steps as above. Just keep in mind that in case of using the phone recharge, the balance transferred will not be used to make external payments such as purchases or bill payments.

Advantages and disadvantages of WorldRemit

Of course, we will talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of using WorldRemit for fund transfers. Let’s start with the advantages.

– It allows transfers to many countries. More than 150 countries are supported by WorldRemit’s transfer service.

– Variety of sending methods. If for some reason you can’t make bank transfers, WorldRemit offers you four different sending methods.

– Low commissions. One of the main advantages is that you have low commissions when making money transfers.

– A good exchange rate. WorldRemit’s exchange rate is one of the most competitive.

– Several payment methods. There is always more variety if you use WorldRemit.

It is difficult to find disadvantages when talking about this application. However, as in everything, this method is not perfect so be sure to research the disadvantages of using WorldRemit before you sign up.

– One disadvantage is that it is difficult to transfer large amounts of funds. It happens that in the application there is a limit of 8000 euros per day. If you want to transfer more you have to do it in several days.

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