Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Online

Here’s some information about the Walmart to Walmart money transfer online. Since Walmart was founded more than 50 years ago by Sam Walton, it has grown into a global business. With operations in more than 25 countries, Walmart has more than 11,000 stores and e-commerce websites.

Although it is best known for its stores and shopping departments, this giant also offers a wide range of financial products to customers through Walmart Money Center.

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How to send money online?

Getting money to your family and friends is much easier thanks to Walmart. Walmart makes it possible to make debit or credit card transactions in a matter of minutes.

The strategic partnership between Walmart and MoneyGram has made it possible to send money online or from any local store. This money is received at any Walmart store in the United States, Puerto Rico, or at one of the more than 350,000 MoneyGram locations.

What is MoneyGram?

MoneyGram is a money transfer company based in the United States. It offers the option to send money to more than 195 countries.

On the other hand, users prefer them as it allows you to deposit money to bank accounts in different parts of the world. For this, you only have to validate the bank where the money will arrive.

Finally, thanks to its partnership with Walmart, it also allows users to track and trace money transfers. With this, you will always be aware of where your money is.

How much does it cost to send money through Walmart?

The fees depend on where you want to send the money, the transfer amount and the payment method. This figure may vary, so we recommend that you check the fees before making any transaction.

How do I make international money transfers with Walmart?

Sending money with Walmart can be online or in-store. If it is online it can be done through your credit or debit card. On the other hand, if you decide to do it through a store you will need to bring the cash and the recipient’s information.

On the other hand, the recipient can access their funds in several ways, either online or by withdrawing the cash at any MoneyGram location worldwide.

What to evaluate before sending?

Before making any transfer, compare the costs involved in each of the transactions. That is to say, not only the commissions, but also the exchange rate you want to make, since sometimes it is considered a hidden cost.

It goes without saying that several companies make money not only with the fee they charge for each transaction, but also by the currency exchange rate, making it more expensive.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the importance of verifying that the person to whom you are going to send money has a valid photo ID.

Is there a transfer limit?

Yes, Walmart allows its users to make transfers of up to $2,500 each. Every 30 days you can send up to $6,000. However, these prohibitions can be circumvented by visiting several Walmart stores.

Are these transactions secured?

Walmart is considered the largest retailer in the world, so it strives to protect the banking information of all its users. In other words, Walmart will take care to keep you safe from identity theft, so you can transfer money safely.

Here, we leave you with a small compilation of what this retailer offers its users in terms of security and trust:

– Verification

Every time you make a transaction, Walmart will automatically ask you to confirm your identity. Here, you will need to enter the last digits of your social security number.

– Secure connection

Verified by Symantec, the Walmart website employs a fairly extensive collection of security measures, both physical and administrative.

– Accountability

Walmart is a pretty trustworthy company. But how can we know that? Well, this company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, so it meets all the requirements of accountability and trustworthiness necessary to serve the public.

How do I know if a payment order has been cashed?

Money orders are used to pay bills instead of using a personal check. Money orders can be sold at several locations, including Walmart and MoneyGram.

To find out if a money order has been cashed, you must submit an application and pay the fee assessed. All of this can be done through their website or in person.

Relating to Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Online:

What other products does Walmart offer?

Transfers within the United States

With the Walmart2Walmart option you can send money simply and quickly to any store in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Bill Payment Service

To pay your utilities, credit cards or even your mortgage, all you need to do is go to your nearest Walmart location. It’s that easy for everyone.

– Cell Phone Refills

You can also pay for reloads at more than 350 carriers located throughout the United States.

– Walmart Credit Card

The best thing about this credit card provided by Walmart is that it has no annual fee. In addition, it allows its users to enjoy multiple special promotions.

– Bluebird

This feature offers users a number of money management features and tools to help them better manage their funds.

– Customer Service

Walmart provides email and phone support for questions related to its money transfer service.

Benefits of transacting with Walmart2Walmart

– They have very low-cost fees.

– You can send money to more than 190 countries around the world.

– You can do it in a simple and very fast way through an application or simply by going to any store.

– The money will arrive at its destination in an average time of 10 to 20 minutes.

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