How to Transfer Money from One Bank to Another? A Simple Guide

Can you imagine a world without banking institutions? This question, once carefully thought and considered, will let you realize the vital role banks play in the economy. In the bigger spectrum, it is one of the key components of the financial system. Here is a guide on how to transfer money from one bank to another in an easy explanation.

Banks play as an intermediary in the payment system where money is given in exchange for goods and services.

Additionally, banks play an important role even in small-scale considerations. The option and convenience to borrow money, set up savings, avail of loans, and many more becomes eliminated as well once banking institutions are not present. It is a significant part of the chain to keep the economy stable. This is the reason why banks are innovative institutions. They provide the people with changes and innovations that can cope up with the changing world.

In recent years, almost everyone is reliant on the internet. And even transactions nowadays switch their focus to provide better services through the internet. One of the best innovations are online bank transfers that made a timely development in the banking industry. But despite the convenience, it is not the only present options banks offer once the situation calls for other ways. Here are some of the best ways possible to transfer money from one bank to another.

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Bank-to-Bank Transfer

This is the most common way to transfer money from one bank to another. This method can easily be used when the two bank accounts belong to the same bank. This will also cost you minimal transfer fees and a small portion of time to spare.

There are three things to remember when using bank-to-bank transfer. First, know the fees of your bank. Second, know the speed of transfer and check if it is tolerable for you. Some banks take longer than others, so this is also an important consideration. Lastly, get the account information of your recipient. Once you already have these three components, you are now ready to send your money through bank-to-bank transfer.

Third-Party Companies

Transferring money to another bank is not limited to banking transactions alone. You can opt to transfer your money through third-party companies that offer this service. This highly dependable method, however, is not limited to electronic transactions. It can also be done through cash transfers, but you must visit the institution in person.

Electronic transactions are very convenient once you already have the money in your account. You just need the account information of your recipient, and your money will be transferred in just a few clicks. For cash transfers, however, it will take you more time to complete your transaction. Whatever your option is, make sure to check the transactions fee first.

Third-party companies are the favorites in terms of international transactions. This is a convenient and dependable way to transfer money to a different city and even to a different country. You must consider first the transfer fees as this differs from one company to another. Speed should also be part of the consideration since it might take some time for your money to reach overseas.

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Money Transfer Using Cash

Cash is still the basic way to transfer money from one bank to another. This is not as convenient as the other options, but this is the one with the lowest transaction fee. If you have time to spare, this option can work for you. You can withdraw your money from your bank and proceed to your recipient’s bank to deposit the money. It may be the oldest method in the book, but it still works just as fine.

Personal Checks

Another way to transfer money from one bank to another is through personal checks. Transfer fees will vary depending on the bank. Some banks offer free checking, and this can remove transaction fees from your concern.

This method can be done in three different ways: by writing a check and giving it personally, by writing a check and depositing it to the recipient’s account, and by sending the check through the mail. Whatever you choose, it is essential to make sure that the account information and other details in the check are correct. This is especially true if you want to mail the check and your recipient is in another state or country. Erroneous details will only bring you more delays.

Email Money Transfers

The name may suggest that your money and other details are transferred through email. But this is not really the case for email money transfers. The transfer of money will be initiated through an email, and your recipient will receive a confirmation email stating that there are available funds in your account.

Email money transfers work like a personal check, but only more convenient since it is transferred electronically. This is a dependable option if you are looking for a speedy way to transfer your money.

Online Bank Transfer

Online bank transfer is one of the most innovative options presented by banks to the people.

This is as simple as clicking a few times on your phone or computer. Online bank transfers may add charges for the transaction, but some banks offer free transfers. In terms of speed, your money is usually transferred real-time. This makes online bank transfer one of the best options at any time of the day.


There are old-fashioned ways and innovative new ways for how to transfer money from one bank to another. The option will always be up to you. To help you decide what method to use, here are some things to consider before transferring money.

  1. Cost of Transfer

Some transfer fees are higher than the other options. If you have time and energy to spare, you can choose the one with the lowest transaction fee instead.

2. Convenience

If you have the busiest schedule, you can opt for apps or electronic ways to transfer your money. You do not need to leave the comfort of your homes for this option, but it will always come at a higher price.

3. Speed

You must consider how long will it take your money to reach your recipient especially for emergency cases and overseas transactions. Most banks offer transactions with almost the same speed of delivery, so you must check the reliability of the banks whenever there are delays.

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