How to Sell Physical Tickets Online

Event ticket sales have started to change dramatically in the past ten years with emerging online markets. What important aspects should you consider when thinking about entering this market? In this article, we will discuss how to sell physical tickets online.

From paper tickets and in-home printing, ticketing for online events has become a digitized mobile experience. Event visitors no longer need to print their tickets purchased online to visit an event. According to Statista, the global event ticketing market will reach the value of approximately $ 33.8 billion in 2018 with nearly $ 12 billion of revenue generated within the US.

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How to sell physical tickets online

With the emergence of promising new technologies it is easy to set up tickets for your events. If you want a very easy way to get started Facebook allow you to connect to your Eventbrite for selling tickets and setting up events.

Statista also forecasts that the average annual growth rate of the event ticket sector over the next four years will be 11%.  Resulting in around $ 51.3 billion of revenue worldwide in 2022.


Scanning tickets

Despite the fact that online ticketing is moving towards mobile, there are many things to improve on existing online services. Some services still require printing purchased tickets in order to use it. That’s why you should go ahead and allow users to provide their tickets to scan at the door rather than print them at home, in case you are considering building an online ticketing platform.

How Gametime works

Once a user selects an event, the online ticket booking application provides the fifty most suitable search results. In addition, the description of each seat includes a high-resolution image of the panoramic view from the corresponding section of the stadium.



Compared to Gametime, StubHub went one step further and gave its customers the possibility to choose concert tickets through Apple TV. It is one of the best places to sell tickets. With StubHub, users can also estimate the panoramic view from their section even before visiting the event due to high-resolution images. Although, to finally make a purchase, users must use their smartphone or tablet.


How StubHub Works

When users find a necessary event through Apple TV, they receive an SMS or automatic notification (in case they have the StubHub mobile app installed) with a link. After clicking on the link, users are redirected to the payment screen in the app or Play Market / App Store if they have not yet installed the app.



Ticketmaster is the world’s leading ticketing service and perhaps the best way to sell event tickets online. Its mobile application focuses on helping users buy the best seats based on the price-quality balance. The main advantage of the TicketMaster mobile application over the web application is that the mobile solution allows users to buy a ticket a couple of minutes faster using push notifications and avoiding additional authorization. Such a short period of time can be very important when a user tries to buy a ticket for a high demand event.


How TicketMaster works

To sell concert tickets, users must enter a desirable price. They can also view the options available to set an appropriate amount. The service charges a fee for each transaction. Once a ticket is purchased, the service digitally delivers it to the buyer and a seller receives the money on their credit card…


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