Get Paid For Photos Of Yourself

Photography is the art of taking pictures with a camera or a mobile phone, helping people to capture their daily activities and moments. But did you know that you can earn money with these photos? Yes, that’s right your selfies or your favourite landscape photos could earn you cash. In this article, we will discuss you can get paid for photos of yourself.

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Unlike in the past, when photography was only left to professionals, the advancement of technology has completely changed this. Anyone can take a photo from anywhere, anytime. Smartphones have completely revolutionized photography. What better way to earn money than selfies?

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4 Ways to sell photos yourself

1- Sell ​​your photos by paying for apps and business photos

There are many applications and platforms that give you the opportunity to sell your selfies online right now. These companies or apps operate differently and offer different rates for your photos.


Pay Your Selfie

Pay Your Selfie Logo This is an application that you have probably heard since it is one of the best self-shopping applications on the market. With Pay Your Selfie, you earn money by taking certain photos of you doing certain things. They will give you some tasks that will allow you to earn between 20 ¢ and $ 1.



Scoopshot_logo_boxScoopshot is another application that pays for your selfies. The only difference with this application is that they do not pay for the photo. You are supposed to post the photos in the app, then people interested in the photo can buy it. This means that this application does not offer guaranteed payment.



Stylinity Logo If you are looking for ways to make money online.  The Stylinity stands behind you. Stylinity is a combination of a shopping site and a selfie network that pays people for their selfies.

With Stylinity, you have to buy some clothes in their online store and then take photos with those clothes.


2- Website creation

One must create a website because it is where your clients, customers, and associates go to look for photos on the Internet. A website can be an active or passive tool to generate income. You can use search engine optimization, which will help customers find your website online.

The home page helps identify your brand value proposition, and the “About Us” page tells customers what your business is about. On the other hand, the “Contact Us” page informs clients on how to contact them. A website is one of the best places to sell your photos.


3- Create Stock libraries

Stock libraries can help you pay for your photos easily. They can buy and sell digital photos to use in books or on websites. You can submit an image option before qualifying to become a contributor to the stock library. Better yet, you can also post multiple stock images and image sites on each for the best coverage.


4- Join a photography contest

To sell your photos online for money, you must enter contests and keep track of what others have to offer. You will be able to learn from different levels of experience and expertise. This will boost your confidence and give you some exposure, even if you don’t win any cash prizes. Keep an eye out for many photography contests and lectures and take part in the game.


Before you go, I hope this above article get paid for photos of yourself is helpful and beneficial for you.

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